GOP Governors Association Sets Up GA PAC, Launches New Ad Against Barnes

And it begins.

Atlanta Journal Constitution political reporter Aaron Gould Sheinin detailed a new ad paid for by the Republican Governors Association that attempts to link Democrat gubernatorial nominee Roy Barnes with President Barack Obama [Gould Sheinin, Aaron (2010-8-18). Georgia Elections News Exclusive: RGA hits Barnes in new ad in Georgia governor’s race. Atlanta Journal Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-8-18.].

RGA TV Ad: Georgia "Apologize"

The 30-second spot was paid for by RGA Georgia 2010 PAC, an independent committee registered with the Georgia State Ethics Commission. Independent committees in Georgia have no limits on the amount of money they can accept or spend.

Former Georgia Governor Enters 2010 Gubernatorial Contest

As the clock struck midnight Wednesday morning, Atlanta Journal Constitution political insider Jim Galloway posted on his blog news widely expected to significantly alter Georgia's political landscape.

Roy Barnes --the first Democrat to lose a gubernatorial election in 130 years-- wants his old job back.

Roy Barnes will announce today that he intends to become the first former Georgia governor in a half-century to reclaim the office after being turned out by voters.

Barnes, 61, enters a field already occupied by three Democrats -- Attorney General Thurbert Baker, House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, and David Poythress, former commander of the Georgia National Guard.

Galloway, Jim (2009-3-6).  "Roy Barnes to join 2010 race for governor".  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Polls say the former governor is considered a favorite to capture the state Democratic Party's gubernatorial nomination next year.

An InsiderAdvantage / Majority Opinion Research poll conducted May 21 showed Barnes the prohibitive favorite in the Democratic race for governor should he decide to run. He was at 38 percent, compared with 3 percent for Attorney General Thurbert Baker, 2 percent for former Adjutant General David Poythress and 2 percent for House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, with some 53 percent of likely Democratic voters undecided.

Pettys, Dick (2009-3-6).  "Barnes Is In".  Insider Advantage Georgia.

Count me as one of those "fifty-three percent of likely Democratic voters undecided."

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Georgians Close Ranks Behind Edwards!

Here's the link: e/20071018-georgia/

Georgia leaders from every part of the state, men and women, Caucasian and African-American, are joining forces to help a new type of presidential candidate; one who is both more progressive AND more electable than his rivals.  These outstanding Georgians realize the time is now for the Democratic Party to stop competing within the confines of a right wing political frame, driven by corporatist and theocratic narratives.  

We've seen the consequences of Republican success here in the Peach State.  Roy Barnes and Mark Taylor both warned of looming crises on many fronts; water supply, health care, education funding and transportation funding.  Voters instead fell for the politics of fear, distraction, division, and apathy.  They fell for Sonny Perdue and Glenn Richardson, individuals both incompetent and corrupt, yet abetted by both the Karl Rove playbook and the inability of the Democratic party, on any level, to establish a competing narrative.  

Today, metro Atlanta's two main water sources, Lakes Lanier and Alatoona, have about three months left before running empty.  Grady Memorial Hospital, the only level one trauma center in north Georgia, may have even less time.  PeachCare, our SCHIP program, remains on shaky ground.  Traffic gridlock grows worse, while the dedicated funding formula for transportation remains hopelessly outmoded and inadequate (particularly where mass transit is concerned).  More and more children attend class in trailers rather than school buildings; local school boards have raised property taxes in response to state cutbacks, but it is not enough.  And now, Speaker Richardson wants to abolish all property taxes and swap them for a state-run sales tax, the procceds of which are to be disbursed at the pleasure of the state.

Snark all you want about Barnes and Taylor being former officeholders, joke about Robert Brown and DuBose Porter being minority leaders in the Legislature instead of majority leaders.  The manifest failures of Republican rule, on both the state and national levels, have given us the rarest of opportunities.  We can build a new political frame, one based on societal responsibility, freedom of individual conscience, and limits on corporate influence.

This message must be heard and heeded in all fifty states, and Georgians are coming together to realize that John Edwards is the national leader who can successfully deliver that message.  Please help Georgia by helping John Edwards become our next President.    

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Saxby Chambliss Only Ahead 2 Points In New Georgia Senate Poll

A new Georgia poll shows that incumbent GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss could be vulnerable if former Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes should enter the race for the Senate seat. Chambliss only polled 2 points ahead of Barnes in the new InsiderAdvantage poll. yId=619

Saxby Chambliss  42%
Roy Barnes          40%

DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones who does not have as much name recognition statewide as Barnes was able to keep Chambliss under 50% in polling as well.

Saxby Chambliss   48%
Vernon Jones        31%

No previous polls or trend lines available on this race.

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