Global warming: Rupert Murdoch joins the fight?!

It's best to fight a battle, such as global warming, on multiple fronts.

While many have been following the rise of global warming activism on the left, for a long time now I've been hoping and praying for a similar rise on the right.  Why?  Once both ends of the political spectrum begin to act, things will really happen.  (Example: the 90-something-to-1 FDA vote in the senate today.)  It's tough to get a risk-averse politician to spend political capital.  Solution: get the value of that capital down to zero.

If we can get the GOP on board, our struggle is over.

Follow me below for a recap of this "Fight on the Right" --- and some absolutely mindblowing breaking news.  Trust me: your jaw will smash your space bar.

(Oh, and dire warning to all you pessimists out there: this is a ROSY, OPTIMISTIC DIARY!)

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Al Gore is not running for president. Really.

Al Gore today issued the closest thing he's said yet to an absolute statement he's not running for President in 2008:

LONDON (AFP) - Former US vice-president Al Gore reiterated here that he does not intend to run for president in 2008 -- though he did not entirely rule out doing so further in the future.

Gore, now an environmental campaigner... said: "I don't have plans to be a candidate again and though I haven't... completely ruled out any possibility of running at some point in the future I don't expect to and cannot perceive circumstances in which I would."

This is spoken in Politician, but I don't think even the most optimistic reading possible could interpret this to mean anything better than "maybe in 2016".

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