Nancy Pelosi...a Dishonest Broker?

1) Pelosi is a figure with some amount of recogizeable POWER and Authority.

2) She has NOT come out and supported by word or deed a specific candidate.

3) Her interests MUST be the PARTY over her PERSONAL prefernces, as the the larger victories actually sertve her personal interests.  Stay with me here:  If she is to remain the Speaker of the House (and 3rd in line for the Presidency) she needs the Democratic party to maintain their majority and even expand upon it.

This means that it is in her party's interest, and therefore HER'S to have the strongest candidatefor the fall. She clearly beleives that Obama IS that candidate, based on data, primary/caucus results.

THERE is NO other reason for her to come out like this. Why would she threaten the whole of the party if she felt otherwise?

Finally:  to declare her a dishonest broker is, in light of the goals of her office and the logic of the math...rather silly.  

While you may not AGREE with her assessment of the facts, or her choice of process realtive to them, the idea that she is some sort of dishonest broker or somehow bought out is unfair at best.  At worst it is just another example of delusion/desperation turning into bitter attacking of yet another honorable person in gov't.  PLEASE...let's move beyond this.

The writing is on the wall.  Pelosi is obviosuly not going rogue here.... she is speaking for a number of higher-ups...that only follows.  

Perhaps HRC should SUSPEND her campaign rather than quit outright and assure that Barack remains healthy on the trail and a solid candidate?

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Nancy Pelosi's Freudian Slip

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Nancy Pelosi tells Boston TV that a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket is "impossible."

"I think that the Clinton administration has fairly ruled that out by proclaiming that Senator McCain would be a better Commander in Chief than Obama. I think that either way is impossible," she said.

"Clinton Administration" As a Clinton supporter I'm glad to know that Speaker Pelosi is already thinking of the next Clinton Administration.

You can watch the interview here at NECN

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FISA and other tiny little matters

What does everyone think about stepping back from the edge for a moment, and instead of relentlessly trashing BOTH our Presidential candidates, we spend just a moment or two discussing..... oh ,..  I don't know,  maybe a few of those insignificant little things like the FRIGGIN Constitution and how it is being trampled on by the Senate and House of Representatives.

I thought things would be at least a little different when the Democrats took control of both houses, so why is David Rockefeller trying to flush the Constitution down the toilet?  Why do at least seven Democrats believe that Telephone companies deserve more protection and rights than do the American people?

When are Americans going to get off their fat asses and get into the streets and take back America? I am outraged that a Democratically controlled Legislature is allowing the Bush crimes to continue.


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Demand Reid and Pelosi are removed from leadership positions

As Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi have cravenly betrayed the trust of the American people, and violated their oaths of office, when they have given in (or sided with?) George W. Bush. They made lots of promises when we gave them the chance to take the majority, but betrayed each and every one. Given how bad the situation is in the United States at present, we can not afford to continue to allow those two frauds to retain their leadership positions. We have to demand they be removed from those positions by their colleagues in the congress.. our representatives and senators.

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NRCC Youtube Video Taken Down for Copyright Violation [updated]

This is hilarious.  

So, I was on the NRCC's website to see what they are up to, and I see this video called "Nancy Pelosi's Swamp Problem." Sounds like a hard-hitting piece of oppo, cleverly put into video format for the interweb, right?

So, I go ahead and click on it, hoping for something amusing, and get this:

If it weren't for those darn laws!

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