Nancy Pelosi's Accurate: Successful Second Acts Are Rare in Presidential Politics

As spring comes upon us and John McCain comes nearer to selecting a running mate, the coal-to-diamond pressure will continue to build on our Democratic candidates to settle the dust, place unifying the party above all else, and leave one candidate to abandon years of strategizing agonizingly close to fruition.  

When lost in the dizzying cyclone of punditry, majestic rhetoric, and our projected realities, it is easy to forget that not only is winning the nomination extremely difficult but a long view of history illustrates that nominees have virtually one chance to achieve the ultimate seat of power.  Successful second acts are rare in presidential politics.

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My Loyalty is to America, not the Party

The fathers of the revolution were much acquainted with the dangers of misguided loyalty. I find Samuel Adam's writing applicable to the call for party unity resounding from those who "derive their powers from us to serve the common interests."
As a long time Democratic voter I hear the hue and cry of Pelosi and Dean and wonder if they truly have the good of the "party" OR the people in mind. What is their true intent? Where are they trying to lead us?? Are we, as voters, to pay homage to "the party" at the expense of our country? Will we allow ourselves to be dependent on, submissive to, "the instrument of our ruin?"
Surely in their efforts to stop the primary process and bar the votes of millions they have become in Mr. Adams words, rebels against the undoubted rights and liberties of the people. There is in the higher ranks of the party a demand that we stop examining the candidate they so inexplicably are trying to foist on us. They are asking us to place our loyalty in the party; the same party that is blocking the votes of millions of people and trying desperately to stifle the votes of millions more by calling for the candidate who has the support of half the party to concede, to withdraw!

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Thomas Paine has lessons for Today

Thomas Paine had some words of wisdom that are applicable to the current dismal state of affairs in the Democratic Party. Mr. Paine penned his words of "Common Sense" for a different time and his warning rings true today.
The few are manipulating the many and as Mr. Paine warned, it is to their own benefit not the benefit of those they were elected to represent.I quote Mr. Paine here -

"In a former page I likewise mentioned the necessity of a large and equal representation; and there is no political matter which more deserves our attention. A small number of electors, or a small number of representatives, are equally dangerous. But if the number of the representatives be not only small, but unequal, the danger is increased. As an instance of this, I mention the following; when the Associators petition was before the House of Assembly of Pennsylvania; twenty-eight members only were present, all the Bucks County members, being eight, voted against it, and had seven of the Chester members done the same, this whole province had been governed by two counties only, and this danger it is always exposed to. The unwarrantable stretch likewise, which that house made in their last sitting, to gain an undue authority over the delegates of that province, ought to warn the people at large, how they trust power out of their own hands. A set of instructions for the Delegates were put together, which in point of sense and business would have dishonored a school-boy, and after being approved by a few, a very few without doors, were carried into the house, and there passed in behalf of the whole colony; whereas, did the whole colony know, with what ill-will that House hath entered on some necessary public measures, they would not hesitate a moment to think them unworthy of such a trust."

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Eventually, Obama will take his best shot: withdraw

November 08 is not a caucus. Everyone can vote. Those who can't get to a polling place can vote absentee. Obama's red states will go red, his "Dems for a Day" will go back to their real preferences. Even if some of them were sincere, Inds and GOP won't like the Wright tapes they will be hearing for months on their car radios.

Not everyone in the DNC or the SDs has drunk the koolaid, and even some who are rigging things now for Obama (Pelosi etc) may still have a little survival instinct about November and pull back to sanity eventually.

Soon it's going to become obvious to the insiders (including Obama) that Obama CAN'T BEAT MCCAIN. Then there may be some little core of SDs and DNC palace intriguers who would for some reason rather lose in Nov than switch to Hillary, but I can't imagine that being very many. (How many netkooks and Nader types are actually Superdelegates?) Remember, the official SD vote doesn't happen till August.

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Strong-Arming Pelosi

Did this backfire or what. The desperation is starting to show and again I think Senator Clinton has made a conscious decision to take the lead at any cost. I don't doubt she's a fighter but having her financial backers bribe the democratic party publicly is bound to hurt her. is all fired up and this is a great excuse for super delegates to make their move. Who is advising Senator Clinton?
They should be fired including former President Clinton who hurts her campaign everytime he opens his mouth. How much money will Senator Obama raise because of this controversy?

Senator Clinton clearly believes she won't be selected as VP so she's decided to take everyone down with her. Both candidates are clearly defining themselves by their actions.Obama doesn't have to be a god to beat her,he just has to take the high road because the other road is taken.

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