Rep. Nadler, what are you waiting for?

Let's look at some the events of the last few days, to see what they have in common:

1) Dennis Kucinich introduced a single new article of impeachment against the president, for his and his administration's lying us into a disastrous and illegal war;

2) Karl Rove not only failed to appear before the HJC on Thursday after being subpoenaed, but he skipped the country without notifying Congress(!);

3) Nancy Pelosi, in her signature style (vague, ambiguous, and vague again), made a statement which seemed to leave the door open for impeachment hearings (back on the table?);

4) I, Adam Sullivan, filed well in excess of the number of required petition signatures to gain ballot access for the Democratic primary here in NYC, where I am challenging Jerrold Nadler for his seat representing New York's Eighth Congressional District in the House.

From my perspective, this is a strong list of reasons for Mr. Nadler--who chairs the Subcommittee of the Judiciary on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties--to change his position on seeking to initiate impeachment hearings.

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FISA and WAR Funding - Democrats Are Weak!

How can Pelosi and Reid be so weak? Call your Congressman right now! They are about to pass another Bush War Funding bill which includes a FISA provision that will give telecommunications companies immunity from lawsuits. Do the Democrats know that Bush has a 29% approval rating and that only 17% of Americans feel we are on the wrong track?

More to follow as I get more details.

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Favor File or Enemies List?

OK guys - Obama won. Now let's not further trash the Demcoratic brand any more than necessary. That includes refraining from piling on the Clintons when it's not warranted. Republicans are loyal to a fault, but the Democrats could improve their practice of having each other's backs. It wasn't always about the Clintons. The same people who trashed Hillary this season laid into Gore for saying he invented the Internet, for sighing, and for telling "little lies." You heard that right. In Bush v. Gore, the mainstream media successfully painted Gore as the one with honesty problems.

This MSM laid into all Democrats in 2003 for being soft on national security.

Pile on the Clintons at your own peril - even though Republicans won 7 of the last 10 presidential elections, they truly believe the Democrats are power-hungry and (this is the best part): Republicans really believe Democrats ARE successful at gaining and maintaining power. No joke, my boss is a Republican and he just told me this, and used Tom Daschle as an example!?!? It's no wonder they hate the Clintons - because the Clintons care about regular people AND they built a lifetime network machine to get them into power so they could help people. In short, the Clintons convince people outside of Washington that the Democratic party cares about the little guy, and that's the biggest danger to the GOP there is. Heck the Clintons convince people outside of the country that the Democrats care about the little guy.

The theme emerging today: The Clintons keep lists (suggestion: an enemies list, similar to Nixon.) But with Nancy Pelosi, she keeps a "favor file" so that's OK.

Nancy Pelosi's "favor file", is a retail politics technique she learned from her father, Baltimore Mayor Thomas D'Alessandro.

Nancy Pelosi's favor file is OK:

A staunch Catholic and New Deal populist, Big Tommy conferred on his offspring a sense of society's obligation to the poor and powerless, enduring themes in his daughter's politics. But he also schooled them in the nuts and bolts, the transactional nature of the game. His career characterized by hard- fought races and endless vote-scrounging, Big Tommy was forever juggling the demands of the Poles, Germans, Irish, Czechs, Jews, and Italians in his district. Constituent service became his calling card, and Nancy and her brothers helped maintain a "favor file" on everyone for whom their father had ever found a job or served a hot meal. (Nancy's mom kept pots of stew and pasta sauce simmering at all hours to feed petitioners.) The operation also kept scrupulous count of how many votes it had-- and needed--from each precinct, block, ethnic group, union, to win an election. "Make sure you have the votes" was drilled into the D'Alesandro children's heads."

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The time is now, we must not falter no matter what the consequences

Okay, I'm done pussyfooting around. I don't care about the repercussions, because the reason I want a Democrat elected, is to restore democracy to our country. I think that GWB has set a dangerous precedent for future administrations by expanding exponentially executive privilege. We can still win while holding this administration accountable. To wit, the email I sent her just now can be viewed below.  

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On to Denver:Obama is not nominated. He just says he is.

The path to Democratic Party Unity has one track.  It leads to serious party reform to try to undo as much of the Party destruction that has happened the last year as the leadership plowed further and further away from the basic Party values.  And the rest is clear in this open letter to Hillary written by an Independent, just the sort of Independent the Democratic Party needs to attract and have "unity" with. She titled it:

                   On to Denver!!!!

I am 44 years old, and was never much interested in politics. So, you know, when all this primary stuff started a year ago, I really didn't have much interest in any of the candidates specifically, only "let's get anyone else in there other than Bush". But, I started watching the debates and reading up on all the candidates.  In a perfect, ideal world, we wouldn't be voting for a person because of their "Party" and friends, we would be voting for that individual who has a track record of crossing those very lines and trying to get the important things we all want in life: health, wealth, harmony and happiness, regardless of, gasp, party affiliation. Quite quickly, I realized Senator Clinton was head and shoulders above Obama and the others, on every issue, on judgment, character and certainly experience. She frankly blew me away with her command of the issues. I found myself picking the person that has a track record of what I am looking for. That person is Senator Clinton. She has worked hard and diligently for all Americans, and spent years (35) building strong relationships because she has a passionate vision of what America can be. She became MY candidate. "Hill-R-We", became my mantra.

When I read that the "party leaders were tired" of the Clinton campaign bringing up the FL & MI votes for the past few weeks, I thought: well, E-X-C-U-S-E ME! I am tired of not having a say in a Presidential election, I am tired of not having my vote count, I am tired of no insurance, I am tired of little business in a struggling economy, and I am REALLY tired of some out-of-touch, well-paid, Washington fatcats deciding they know more than their constituents! The straw that broke this voter's back was the way the DNC mishandled the FL and MI votes. That is NOT democracy, NOT the values of the Democratic Party and certainly NOT my values! The media has mounted the most biased, blatant one-sided campaign for Obama that frankly reeks of more than just voter suppression. What happened to journalistic integrity?

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