Ethics complaint against Conyers - what's up?

According to Conyers' mouthpiece, nothing at all.

All been dealt with and filed away.

You can easily believe that frivolous or unevidenced complaints come in every day against Congress members. Conyers would be no different.

Except for the background of the House ethics truce.

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The Supreme Court

I am a former Democratic Precinct Captain from Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY and later from Chicago. I now live in The Napa Valley, what one might consider a very Democratic, Liberal district. Because the Democratic Party has chosen to lean towards the (unreasonable) left I am today a registered Independent.

During the 2004 election Karl Rove played you like fine tuned violin... keeping the party and Senator Kerry focused on the "look at me I'm a war hero", the war and terrorism... the one area that he had zero chance of winning... never once
warning the American public about the inevitable changes that were going to take place on the Supreme Court....never once! Thus bringing us to the precipice of having the entire make up of
the court change and the erosion of our rights of privacy.

Unless we get lucky and dodge a bullet President Bush WILL get at least one more nomination. Justice Stevens turns 86 in April and Justice Ginsberg is 73... and if not the next President most certainly will have no less than two nominations.

I am 63 years old and cannot recall a mid-term election that will have such a profound effect on the United States for decades. Yet the DNC is diligently working to blow this opportunity too. As noted above, I live in a very liberal, affluent district... and based on the dozens of conversations that I have had... people are turned off to the party. Based on the ranting of Governor Dean and Rep. Pelosi the ONLY HOPE that the DNC has is for Senator McCain to run for President... because there is no way that a Democrat will win... And he most likely will maintain the
evenhandedness of the court. Thanks to the DNC "leadership??", should he run, the Democrats can fold up their collective tents and go home.

DO NOT...DO NOT.... use congressional corruption as a tool... tool and fool do rhyme... for every Tom De Lay Gov. Dean and Rep. Pelosi throw out,  I'll give you a Dan Rostenkowski... this is just what Karl Rove wants you to do... and one of those areas of conversation with my friends... The primary issue is the Supreme Court... AND, It's the economy stupid...that was correct in '94 and it is today people ALWAYS vote their pocket books... The American public is up to their collective eyeballs in debt... offer them a much stronger economy...the only vehicle that will relieve them of that debt...

Look at it this way... what has the far left given us... 12 years of a GOP controlled congress... and at the end of his term eight years of a GOP White House and 16 years for the congress... AND the great probability that we will have another Republican President...If it is another far right president,  then the balance on the court is guaranteed to be destroyed... and it will be katy-bar-the-door... all the way back to the Mayflower Compact!  Not only that... had the DNC had an ounce of intelligence the Democrats might have controled the Senate... and guess what folks... no Iraq! So don't blame President Bush... go look in a mirror for somewone to lay blame to... keep running to the left... no, off the table left
and see where it takes us...

Bluntly stated... someone had best put a sock in the mouth of Gov. Dean and Ms. Pelosi... as someone who has spent most of his adult life in marketing I cannot recall ever witnessing a greater screw up...

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Bayh gives Pelosi the finger on Fox

I suspect the boys at Fox are afraid their #1 Copperhead might succumb to Brer Lamont, and are auditioning for a replacement.

Who better than Bomber Bayh, scourge of the ayatollahs and potential presidential candidate?

On Sunday (I'm catching up!) he was played a clip of coastal elitist Pelosi feisty (or is that, strident?) on the shooting incident:

This is yet again another manifestation of the arrogance of power of the White House. They don't come clean with the American people, or they think they're above the law and above accountability to the American people.

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Whatever happened to Pelosi's ethics drive?

bumped - Matt

I seem to remember that, just after the Christmas/New Year break, Congressional Dems came on all feisty about the need for action on the ethics rules governing members' conduct.

(And, with indictments freshly inked at the time in the name of well-known GOP operatives, little wonder about that.)

I have a scout round - and indeed find this, a piece from January 12 in the Sac Bee entitled Pelosi: Ethics panel should probe Doolittle, Pombo.

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Pelosi two-faced on House corruption...

According to a piece in the Nation by Ari Berman, at least.

He says that former Rep Chris Bell (he of the complaint against Tom DeLay that broke the ethics truce in the House) and lawmakers who asked not to be named told him that

Pelosi has specifically told House members not to file complaints.

He gets an element of corroboration from an on-the-record source:

Asked whether Democrats would start filing ethics complaints again, Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider was less than emphatic: "We're getting to the point where you may see Democrats that do that," Crider said.

So we have Harry Reid issuing an apology for being rough on Republicans in his Abramoff memo; and Pelosi saying House Dems might just move from bloviation to action on corruption on the other side of the aisle - if it gets any worse.

Salute your Democratic Congressional Leadership of 2006!


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