Pelosi shows Kossacks she's lost it

If you want to appreciate just how delusional Pelosi (and/or her staff) are, take a squint at her latest Kos post, under the snappy hed The Gloves Are Off.

As some commenter a few dozen down pointed out, that implies that the gloves have been on all this time. And, moreover, that we, the Great Unwashed, have known it all along.

Ain't it the truth?

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Homeland Security Sexual Predators vs McKinney Case

After seeing people like Nancy Pelosi feel the need to declare her strong disapproval in no uncertain terms over Cynthia McKinney, I wondered why she doesn't express with more outrage much bigger crimes by Bush and Cheney cronies.
Well, now there may be three people in the Homeland Security Department who may be sexual predators of young teens and Tom Delay is worried about McKinney? Even if one hates McKinney, the imbalance in attention is outrageous.

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars: .html#a7800

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Ethics "Truce" Broken: DeLay To File Ethics Complaint Against McKinney

That's right--the first House member to break the ethics "truce"will be Tom DeLay: Soon-to-retire Rep. Tom DeLay (R.-Tex.) said today he would file an ethics complaint against Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D.-Ga.) for striking a Capitol Police officer should no other House member do so first.

DeLay's comments came during a wide-ranging interview at his Capitol Hill office with reporters, including HUMAN EVENTS Editor Terry Jeffrey.

"If nobody in this House files an ethics charge, I am," DeLay said in response to a question about McKinney. "Her behavior is outrageous. And it's not the only time." Democrats have really dropped the ball on this one, and not just Democrats in the House leadership. Any House member can file an ethics complaint, but they choose not to. Now, of all people, corrupt and cowardly Tom DeLay is somehow going to seize headlines and file an ethics complaint.

Democrats do not just need to win the House. As my friend BooMan was telling me last night, they need new blood that will challenge ossified interests and power structures that will remake our own party as well. The class of 1974 was like that. As BooMan writes: The Class of 1974 was unique. It did not change the leadership of Congress, but rather, it increased the Democratic majorities and infused the Democratic Party with liberals with a zeal for reform. They threw out some of their own Committee Chairmen, enacted campaign finance reform, did thorough investigations of our intelligence agencies, reopened the investigation of the JFK assassination (and deemed it a conspiracy), and passed the FISA act (the law being flouted by Bush today).

At times it seems like the Bush/Cheney administration has made it their mission to undo all the reforms of the Class of 1974. But, for all the people that are frustrated with or have given up on the Democrats in Washington, the lesson of 1974 is that big electoral gains in 2006 will bring change. Not just a change in the leadership of the Congress, but change in the very nature and makeup and agenda of the Democreatic Party. And that is what we need. There are a fairly decent number of Representatives who need ethics complaints filed against them. The vast majority of them are Republicans, but a handful of them are Democrats. We need reformed Democrats who are willing to file ethics challenges against all members who deserve it, regardless of party, regardless of media spin, regardless of retribution that would take place within the caucus. And we are not the only ones who need it--the country needs it too. We need candidates that could make 2006 like 1974.

Katrina victims - help is *not* on the way!

Those in Biloxi might not be too badly off - what with MS's heavy GOP representation in Congress - though I haven't checked.

Across the state line, things look pretty grim, by all accounts. (This and this, for instance.)

If there were strong, capable executives with legitimacy at Federal, state and city levels, one could see an agreement being possible which limited the scope of reconstruction (and thereby capped its cost) in exchange for Federal guarantees for the necessary financing.

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The Democrats "Real Security" Media Event

Senate & House Democrats unveiled a "Real Security" plan at a well attended media event in Washington today.  In front of a backdrop of over 50 Democrat Members of Congress (Kerry, Biden, Obama, no Hillary Clinton or Feingold, a flag the size of an SUV and a group of firefighters and veterans, speakers (in order) Sen. Harry Reid, Gen. Wes Clark, Sen. Jack Reed, Sec. Madeline Albright, Firefighters Union President Harold Schaitberger, National Association for Black Veterans President Joe Wynn and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi painted in broad brush the outlines of a Democrat "Real Security" plan.  The words of the day were "incompetence" to describe the Bush record and that Democrats offer something "better".  To this fly on the wall, the contrasts painted were real, but in pastels, not clshing primary colors.

Democrats deserve credit for offering a Security plan and broadening the debate.  It's hard to do this sort of thing by committee.  Today was a good first step but it's just a start.  

Albright and Clark were there to highlight the national security successes of the Clinton years, i.e. the successful NATO "war" in the Balkans -- an international effort lead by NATO that stopped ethnic cleansing of over a million Bosnians without the loss of a single American soldier in combat.  Albright noted that the Balkan effort did not always go exactly as planned but when things went wrong leaders actually talked to each other about the real situation on the ground and made policy changes in response.  In contrast, the Bush administration has been characterized by a "fantasy" policy of denial and faulty "intelligence".  Reed also hammered on the wishful thinking "intelligence" of the Bush years.

There were a few specifics discussed about the Democrats "Better Way" -- the main point was that Democrats see security in a broader way, in short that broader is better.  Firefighters Union President Schaitberger highlighted the failures of the administration to train & equip first responders and the abysmal federal response to Hurricane Katrina.  In particular, Reed said that 100% of inbound goods at US ports will be "screened" under the Democratic plan.  Veteran leader Wynn highlighted that all health care needs for Veterans will be covered under the Democratic plan.  Those last two sounded like real news and specific contrasts to this blogger.  Clark also noted proposed Bush budget cuts in funding for the National Guard, which has borne much of the burden in Iraq.  The Democrats also drew a contrast between the "War on Terror" and the "Iraq War." Details of the Democratic plan are at

I had two nitpicks about the event.  First, finding a web link to the Democrat plan was hard and might elude some of the less aggressive media types.  One might think that the multiple blue backdrops with "Real Security" plastered at great expense throughout the room, or the podium, would include a web link to the Democratic plan.  At a minimum one would expect links on handouts to the media -- NOT.  Over an hour after the event a google search with the terms "real, security, Democrats" turned up only an AP story about the event.  I finally found a link from Nancy Pelosi's site.  Second, why must challengers be invisible at Democratic events like this one?  I was asked to remove a James Webb for Senate sticker (VA) that I had leftover from Wes Clark's endorsement of him earlier in the day -- no problem, but why should anyone care about what I had on my lapel? The event featured hundreds of years of Democratic seniority on the stage among Members of Congress.  Great!  Why not feature also some Democratic candidates with something to say about "Real Security" who have yet to get to Washington.  Sure, in places where there are active primary contests Democratic leaders should let the voters decide, but there are plenty of Democratic challengers who are running hard already against Republicans, not fellow Democrats.  Democrats need new voices and they need to be spotlighted.

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