Pelosi a pisspoor spokesman for the Dems

First of all it was a heartsink conference call with bloggers on Saturday.

The line taken was poor little Dem House and Senate parties - no chairmanships, no media: Golly, Moses, natcherly they're punks.

And the GOP's poor ratings? By Pelosi, not caused by Iraq or soaring gas prices, but by her cunning plan whereby the Dems said and did nothing in particular for ages:

We're up fifteen, sixteen, seventeen points in the polls without people even knowing what the plan is. We've taken the mockery--'Oh, they don't have a plan'--in order to lay the groundwork.

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Why does Pelosi back away from impeachment?

Why does Pelosi back away from any talk about impeachment, even in the hypothetical?

Is it because she's afraid an energized Republican base is more numerous than an energized Democratic base?

Is it because impeachment and conviction would mean President Cheney?

Is it because she's worried the disapproval numbers for Bush are soft?  Does she have information that leads her to believe Bush will rebound?

Is she waiting for Bush's approval numbers to drop below 30%, which would mean that some the true hardcore believers had given up?

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Pelosi underwhelms again...

It's not all her fault. I almost feel sorry for the poor woman, taking the flak not only for her own snafus but for the general lack of verve amongst her troops.

She's the leader; but it's not so much a case of lions led by donkeys but a fairly dispirited and lethargic lot of donkeys, who (to the casual observer) seem largely unimpressed by the juicy carrot of likely victory (please God, they win! - not two more damned years of this purgatory).

Two cases in point:

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The 'Prospect' Dean breakfast - highlights

My selection of points from the piece.

The organizational stuff suggests Dean is on the right track - the infamous Voter File has already had successes (such as mayors of Mobile and Tulsa, apparently). And Ickes (in the nicest possible way) is welcome to his.

Dean's reference to

this 30-year process of the day after the presidential election the DNC goes into hibernation -- unless we win -- and then we emerge three and a half years later.

may or may not explain a lot!

And his

Now we have a great relationship with the state parties for the first time in about 30 years...

may also cause the non-initiated Dem loyalist to scratch his head.

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Pelosi: 'words that work' or insulting our intellligence?

Politics is, in all times and all places, a game played by the rule of by any means necessary (as limited by a grudging acceptance of such pettifogging notions as constitutions, courts and other killjoy impediments).

In particular, a pol's folding, spindling and mutilating the truth is as basic to his trade as kneading is to a baker.

So no complaint on moral grounds at La Pelosi's handout on the oil companies' non-stop gusher, in which she says

The Republican Rubber Stamp Congress has passed two energy bills, costing taxpayers $12 billion for giveaways to big oil companies.

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