Pelosi's Missed Opportunity

The past week has offered the odd spectacle of Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Hastert standing shoulder to shoulder in defending a Democratic congressman's supposed right not to have criminal investigators raid his office.  On the law, I think they're on the wrong side.  As Akhil Amar writes:
Since W.J. has no immunity from an ordinary criminal arrest, it is hard to see why he has some kind of blanket immunity from an ordinary criminal search to uncover evidence of his suspected crime.

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Times swings a hatchet into 'Speaker Pelosi'

Surprised today's piece hasn't been highlighted before here - perhaps that's because it was scribed not by one of the usual suspects, but by Mark Leibovich (though he'll be on the u/s list ere long if he carries on like this!).

The hed Talk of Pelosi as Speaker Delights Both Parties identifies the tone: not quite as riotous as a Milbank funny, but heading out in that direction.

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War on Drugs: will the Dems see the light?

Álvaro Uribe, the Charles Martel of chavismo!

He may only hold sway over half - be generous, two-thirds - of Colombia - but he's Uncle Sam's son of a bitch and a proud warrior in the War on Drugs.

What's the Dem position on the latter? Kerry was staffed up with WoD fanatics in 04. Any sign of realism developing?

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CBC as a force of conservatism

This is just a hypothesis for the moment, mind you. But if science proceeds by testing hypotheses against evidence...

It struck me, thinking about recent essays like that of Tomasky on Dems ceasing to be a party of specific interests and turning to the common good, that the CBC might be feeling a little nervous.

They, after all, represent the paradigm special interest in the Dem party, and might feel that their unique place in the party would be threatened by the new approach.

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Kick Rep. Jefferson out of the Party...

or at least lets have Pelosi and Dean call for his resignation. For god sakes the man was caught with $90,000 in marked FBI bills and is on tape joking about the FBI listening in to his illegal deals.

When Pelosi was asked if Jefferson should resign, she weakly said, "is a matter between him and his constituents." efferson/

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