Dems: another false step for program rollout?

The Note's slightly-less-full-of-it-than-usual piece today has this:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have postponed a town hall meeting intended to promote their bread-and-butter economic agenda rollout. (Insert your own metaphor here.) House Democrats will hold a conference call at 1:00 pm ET and the town hall meeting will be rescheduled.

The Hotline Blog has this:

As gleefully noted by the RNC, the Democratic leadership has -- sigh -- postponed its planned town hall meeting originally scheduled for tomorrow. The Dems were going to roll out their domestic agenda and tell the world what they'd do if they won control of Congress.

The piece runs under the hed Not Satire: Dem Message Rollout Postponed, Part V

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FCC indecency fines: House Dems are with the prudes

A piece of Grade A pandering to the bigots.

The bill, S 193, which increases the level of fines that the FCC can impose on broadcasters for breaches of the indecency rules tenfold, passed as a suspension in the House yesterday by a score of 379-35.

Ron Paul was the only GOP to vote against. Eight Dems didn't vote.

That makes by my reckoning 159 Dem reps standing shoulder to shoulder with Brent Bozell and his fag-hating friends.

Pelosi voted in favor.

San Francisco hippie liberal...

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'New Yorker': cringemaking quotage from top Dems

You wouldn't exactly call it a hit piece. Or at least, it's not scribe Jeffrey Goldberg who does most of the hitting. Dem honchos save him the trouble.

Moreover, there aren't loads of attack quotes from officials close to who are speaking on condition of anonymity because that way they can unleash their zingers and not risk getting fired.

No, pretty well all of the sources are named.

It might have been better for some of them to have stayed anonymous!

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Jefferson: FBI trying 'good cop, bad cop'?

According to an LA Timespiece, the Feds have good news and bad for our enterprising friend.

On the positive side, in their response to his suit in the DC District Court for the return of his papers oh so famously seized from the Rayburn Building, instead of telling Brer J to go fuck himself, they offer what they call a procedural accommodation to allow him to challenge their retention of particular papers. (Presumably under WH pressure to calm the elected branches civil war.)

On the not-so-positive side, it seem that an agent has filed an affidavit saying that, during a search of his home, the J-Man attempted to engineer things so that certain papers in the house would not be examined by the FBI.

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Speaker Pelosi 'has no rivals'

Her many admirers in the lefty sphere will be delighted to learn that, should the Dems take the House, La Signora P will be Speaker.

Thus spake The Hill, at least.

The operative consideration is this: unless there is an anti-Pelosi ready, willing and able to go in for the kill and pull it off, no rep will want to risk retaliation from Nance for voting any other way than for her.

And, since (by The Hill) there isn't a Pelosi-killer, it's game over.

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