Minimum wage reaches House floor this week?

[Title amended by replacement of exclamation marks by question mark! The learning experience continues...]

Not that many folks in the lefty sphere have seemed to take much notice.

But New Direction, the drop-like-a-stone latest instalment in the Dem agenda for 06, came out last week - and one of its proposals was a hike in the Federal minimum wage.

(Which is so cringemakingly miserly that even a fair few red states have laws imposing a higher level.)

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Friday Open Thread

I'm out of here for the weekend--off to Harrisburg and to start moving (although I am only moving downstairs). Here are some things on my mind.This is an open thread. I'll see you in a couple of days.

Jefferson: all bubbling up nicely - for the GOP

The House Democratic Caucus voted yesterday that 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson be removed from Ways and Means. The score was 99-58.

Though some CBC-ers apparently have had it with Jefferson, I suspect most of the House CBC-ers were in the 58. One might note that

Rep. Melvin Watt (D-N.C.), head of the black caucus, warned that Pelosi's push for Jefferson's removal might cause black voters to conclude that "a different standard ... based on race" was being applied.

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Dem domestic agenda sinks without trace?

I confess this one has me beat.

Yesterday, Pelosi and a bunch of other Dem honchos launched the latest in a planned series of documents setting out the Congressional Dems' policy agenda for the 110th Congress: New Direction, dealing with issues falling under the heading of domestic policy.

I didn't like it. But that's hardly going to keep the Signora awake nights.

The thing that's puzzling me, though, is why the document has got so little publicity among lefty commentators and bloggers.

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House Dems sliding towards civil war?

Gossip and backbiting generate column-inches, any political journo knows that. It's easy copy because it tends to be anonymous, unspecific, in coded language.

When it's AdNag or Milbank, you know it's there for amusement value.

The Hill is generally straighter about these things, though. So when one finds, as today, a piece under hed Anti-war Dems blast Pelosi over endgame with on-the-record quotes, one is inclined to sit up and take notice. A little.

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