Pelosi, Daou, Kamiya, and strategies to counter "Whack-A-Mole" media attacks, vlogging

Just thought I would introduce the phrase "Whack A Mole", to the ongoing discussion of the media distortion of reality, in regards to liberals and progressives.

Peter Daou wrote the seminal theory on this, on The Triangle.

Simply put, without the participation of the media and the political establishment, the netroots alone cannot generate the critical mass necessary to alter or create conventional wisdom. This is partly a factor of audience size, but it's also a matter, frankly, of trust and legitimacy. Despite the astronomical growth of the netroots (see Bowers and Stoller for hard numbers), and the slow and steady encroachment of bloggers on the hallowed turf of Washington's opinion-makers, it is still the Russerts and Broders and Gergens and Finemans, the WSJ, WaPo and NYT editorial pages, the cable nets, Stewart and Letterman and Leno, and senior elected officials, who play a pivotal role in shaping people's political views

I believe this still is the progressive operating premise - that a reality-based progressive/liberal movement, that wants the truth told, still needs, on some level, the participation of the media and the political establishment.

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FINALLY! (A Real Woman I Can Look Up To)

Proud To Be A Woman. Proud Of My Femininity. Proud Of Speaker Pelosi.

Pelosi is the idea example of what it means to be a strong woman. I look up to her. I am very proud of her diligence in holding to her position on key issues in the face of the out right Sexism and the attacks hurled against her by some of the most powerful men in the nation. She is unwavering and is not intimidated by their bullish rhetoric and tactics. As a woman, I am very proud of Speaker Pelosi. Because of her, I am encouraged that I too can assert myself as a woman and take whatever blows that come against me . It's been said that this is a Mans World. Whether that be true or not, I don't know or care. Speaker Pelosi has taught me that I can survive in that world and that I can demonstrate that I am equal to any man out there without having to take my bra off to prove that I can compete. I'm not trying to attack feminists in any way, I'm just saying that I can still be proud of my femininity and still be equal to a man. Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of a real woman who is proud of being a woman. She is proud of being a mother. She is proud of being a wife. She probably knows how to bake really good cookies. I don't know , but what I do know is that she has shown that you don't have to deny or reject your womanhood to be strong. No other female leader in this nation has demonstrated that to the extent in which Nancy Pelosi has.

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Disruption of Congress by Lori Perdue

I have been in many, many congressional hearings in the past several months. And yes, I have acted up, spoken up, been moved to stand up in protest, been removed and threatened with arrest. I have confronted legislators in hallways, following press conferences, in their offices, at events and on the streets of D.C. I have lobbied, monitored, and marched into the teeth of opposition. It is true, I have pushed the envelope and been pushed across the line and onto the floors of the House office buildings. That must be expected when one is working with likes of revolutionaries Medea Benjamin and Gael Murphy. I have not, however, been arrested... before Friday, March 23.

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An OBJECTIVE Look At Where The Democratic Party Is Now

Because the Republican leadership  has been further out of touch with voters than the Democratic leadership, many Beltway Democrats don't seem to realize that the Democrats didn't win the 2006 election  --  the Republicans lost it.

For many months, voters have made it increasingly clear that they desperately want the United States to take action on withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Certainly an orderly redeployment  --  protecting,  to the greatest extent possible, the safety of the troops leaving Iraq and those remaining  until they can be redeployed. That's what the November election was all about.

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Peace Movement Disappointed With Democrats' Funding for War

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the "Iraq Accountability Act" giving the President an additional $100 billion to continue the US occupation and associated military operations in Iraq. While this binding measure establishes a deadline for the removal of most combat troops by August 31, 2008, the conditions set forth in the bill fall far short of where Congress should be on their path to bringing the troops home. CODEPINK believes that not one more dollar should be appropriated for continued war and occupation, and will continue to push the position that Congress should only fund the safe, orderly and rapid withdrawal of all troops by the end of this year.

CODEPINK will continue to demand that Congress be accountable to the American people's clarion call last November 7 to end to the war. Despite many expert opinions that say that the US priority in Iraq must be to support political and diplomatic solutions rather than military operations, and yet we are still burdened with an exclusively military strategy and additional funding for war and occupation.
Members of Congress who voted for the supplemental bill see it as the first small step toward the major policy shift we seek. The work of the peace movement, and particularly that of CODEPINK, has been instrumental in moving us closer to our goal to end the war. Speaker Pelosi, talking to the Democratic Caucus on the eve of the vote, mentioned the pressure she herself was getting from CODEPINK camping out on her doorstep! Congress has moved this far only because of public pressure, and reach further, public pressure must and will continue. CODEPINK will now push for the best supplemental bill possible out of the Senate, the best bill possible out of Conference, and the best bill possible from the Defense Authorization that will be coming up in April. CODEPINK continues to fight for better funding legislation that will finally and completely end the US military presence in Iraq.

To learn more about CODEPINK's campaign to stop funding the war, please visit

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