Paul Begala Jumps on the Unity Train (will Michael be far behind?)

On Huffpo, Paul Begala has posted a touching tribute to Hillary Clinton, comparing her to the incomparable Jackie Robinson. Begala chronicles some of the nastier examples of sexism Hillary has overcome in her extraordinary campaign and jabs at the inadequacy of her handlers while praising her performance on the campaign trail.

But what follows, is encouraging and hopefully something other Clinton supporters will take to heart in time:

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Media Bias Stealing the Election

If we do not interrupt the 24/7 propaganda  machine that the media is running in endless loops scripting Obama as the 'good' candidate and Hillary as the 'bad' candidate, we are not doing our job in defending free and fair elections.

If a candidate cannot get a fair hearing, it doesn't matter what positions and issues she/he espouses because there is nothing fair about an election in which one candidate is consistently maligned virtually 24/7. Last night the commentary on both MSNBC and CNN-- which has now removed both James Carville and Paul Begala at Obama campaign insistence-- bordered on the maniacal. It was pure hate, hate, hate--of the Clintons.

"Vanity Fair" did a great piece some months ago about the influence the media's villification of Al Gore had on the 2000 presidential race.  Maureen Dowd of the NYT was a chief architect and implementer of the attack then, and she is leading the pack now.

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Iraq and the Wimp Love Myth

The Spineless Dem has risen again.

Democrats have responded to months of Republican intransigence by cutting deals on GOP priorities like trade and immigration - and have now capitulated completely to Republican demands on Iraq.

Why are the Democrats acting so butter-boned?

A lot of it has to do with their seemingly innate fear of confrontation.  Democrats are afraid that in the great battle of rhetoric and ideas, they still can't go toe to toe with the Bush White House and the Republican message machine. They're also afraid that their liberal, mushy voters won't support hardball politics. But is confrontation for Democrats really such a politically hazardous strategy - and isn't it necessary to achieve the great goals to which we all aspire?

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Who's Blue: Paul Begala

Who's Blue is the weekly interview podcast from The Texas Blue.

This week's episode of Who's Blue features a conversation with Paul Begala, former counselor to President Bill Clinton and current political analyst for CNN. We discuss the culture of "gotcha" politics, damage control, how he got the Clinton job, and why he is a Democrat. Begala offers insight on many issues concerning Democrats today and illustrates how the Democratic Party can always effectively make its case.

You can subscribe to Who's Blue at this iTunes-friendly feed, or you can download and play directly from The Texas Blue.

Wes Clark: Party Builder

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The 2006-midterm elections presented Democrats with a historic opportunity to strengthen the party brand and retake control of both houses of congress.  Party members of all stripes helped secure an election day capped with record setting victories through the nation.  

Although Howard Dean's 50-state strategy emphasizes long run party building over the short term electoral gains, its immediate success was vitally important not only to Americans hoping to derail the Bush agenda, but also to Democratic people powered movements in general.  Would grassroots level party building strengthen the brand or would it be wasted on people picking their noses in "red America"?

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