Genocide linked to Patriot Act

This shameful tale of genocide , hypocrisy, injustice , and betrayal is the perfect example of what typically occurs when the United States tries to Police the World by sticking our nose where it doesn't belong usually in the form of an unjust war such as todays Fools Crusade otherwise known as the War in Iraq. Our reckless actions only serve to destroy the minority ethnic and religious groups in these countries we invade. Just look at the plight of the Iraqi Christians who were free to practice their religion under Saddam but today because of our foolish endeavor half of Iraq's Christian has fled.

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Some things Congress should do. (Preferably before the 2008 Elections)

1.Suspend the Patriot Act and Detainee Bill for Congressional review.
"The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. "For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all". - H. L. Mencken

2.Deny any additional funding for US Combat roles in Iraq. (This will require the often absent backbone and integrity, but I feel we can do it)."Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare". Japanese proverb

3.Increase funding for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. They actually did facilitate an attack on our country. Osama Bin Laden is there, maybe.

4.Prohibit torture in any and all of its forms to include the President's approved "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques". "What we must face squarely is this: whenever we torture or mistreat prisoners, we are capitulating morally to the enemy-in fact, adopting the terrorist ethic that the end justifies the means." Rev. Kermit D. Johnson, Chaplain (Major General), U.S. Army (ret.)

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Six things that trouble me, and Five that assure me, as an American Democrat

Six Things that trouble me:
1.I am sorry that that Republicans and many Democrats venerate their party more than their country. Blind faith in any political, or government system is rarely healthy.

2.It appears that President Bush and the Republican Politicians have almost succeeded in convincing the American People that war is a good thing. How sad it was that our President chose to use our 9/11 tragedy as a tool for instilling fear and hatred in the American people.

3.I am saddened by the political division which has fallen on America due to the years of Presidential and Republican arrogance, dishonesty and failure to adhere to Democratic standards of conduct from 2000-2006.

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What Rights Do We Have?

The Constitution is a living document. It is also our most precious historical document. All that America is and all that it will be is grounded in this document. But regardless of how precious it is there comes times when it must be amended to reflect the progress made in a more modern world.

We should interpret the Constitution as it fits our world today, but we must not take it to extremes. I would suggest that for abortion, gay marriage and gay rights, that there should be amendments. But as to privacy, we should let the Supreme Court hash it out and then we can rely on precedents. I believe that this mixing of the two would make this the living document that our founding fathers wanted it to be.

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Memo to Feingold fans -- Please support Al Gore!

Since Russ Feingold will not be running for President, I will now be endorsing Al Gore for President for 2008. I am asking anybody who supported Russ Feingold for President to support Al Gore for President so we can restore the rule of law to the White House and restore the system of checks and balances to our Constitutional system.

Like many of us, I was not enthused by Al Gore in 2000. I voted for Nader as a way of pushing the Democratic party to the left and thus creating a Green Revolution. I thought that Bush would not be that bad of a President anyway, as he would be bipartisan and supposedly be above the fray. In the meantime, we could move the party and the country to the left and everybody would be happy.

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