Hillary's Middle East problem

No, this diary is not about Hillary's vote to invade Iraq, or her subsequent stay-the-Bush-course rhetoric concerning our troops, nor is it about her Iran votes like the one backing the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, which accorded the Iranian Revolutionary Guard the status of a terrorist organization. Her position on Iran, recited again last month in Foreign Affairs, leaves little doubt that on the issue of Hillary's experience, many of her positions are right out of the Cheney-Bush handbook, including her refusal to engage Iran diplomatically, and threats of attack if Iran does not desist from enriching uranium.

It is rather about Hillary's default position on Israel-Palestine and the seemingly interminable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where Hillary Clinton is actually to the right of Bush, way right. Her campaign position paper on Israel (note not Israel and Palestine), which was issued on Sept. 10, 2007, is disturbing, and not just for its quotations of AIPAC.

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A Friend Indeed?

    The prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, said: "I call on my friend Abu Mazen," referring to Mr. Abbas, who was in Ramallah, to take the opportunity, now that almost the entire world understands the viciousness, the brutality of Hamas, to exercise his authority as the leader of the Palestinian people."

    Israel will do what it can, he said in an interview with The New York Times in Tel Aviv, to "be helpful and supportive of the Palestinian people in every possible way, including economic cooperation and security cooperation."

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Progressive? Even-Handed on Israel? Democrats?

With the way they f&%#cked up and funded the Iraq occupation a couple weeks ago, it's hard to have anything to do with the Democrats these days. But an e-mail from Progressive Democrats of America this morning tells me that (inmyhumbleopinion) there are at least a few real progressive Democrats out there.

The e-mail -- from Olive Tree Democrats, "A project of Progressive Democrats of America" --  is mainly about the June 11 Lobby Day for Israeli/Palestinian Peace and End to Occupation. But it also reminds us of the June 10 march and of a terrible anniversary (emphasis added throughout):

On June 10 and 11, people around the world are joining together in a Day of Action to mark the 40th year of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. ...

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Mideast: Focus on the Possible

As relevant today as it was then, this op-ed I coauthored with Shibley Telhami appeared in the Christian Science Monitor in June of 2002.

As violence in the Middle East continues, hopes for a settlement have been further dimmed by an alarming polarization. Palestinians and Israelis have returned to the language of maximal demands, and to pointing fingers at all that has gone before. This trend can only make peace more elusive.

For now, we say, seek peace, not historical judgment. Far too much public discourse focuses on who is to blame - and by implication, who should carry the main burden of ending hostilities and settling the conflict.

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"Chatting" With Ahmadinejad


"Chatting" With Ahmadinejad
eileen fleming

Among the Americans who were held hostage from 1979-1981 in Iran, Bruce Laingen, the former charge de affaires for the U.S. Embassy in Iran, has now publicly called for the Bush administration to put aside its incendiary language and seek diplomatic direct discussions with Iran instead.

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