Photos of a Rescue Convoy to Gaza


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Obama has to crawl before he can run

Has any presidential candidate spoken out about Gaza's humanitarian crisis? Don't hold your breath.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2008, the British proPeace site, Jews sans frontieres, posted this article: US Presidential race: Obama has to crawl before he can run.

It would appear that our presidential hopefuls are intentionally avoiding Israel-Palestine in their debates. But recent news about the Gaza crisis, which has led to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians crossing the Egypt border to obtain sustenance for their families, brought the issue into the front pages of American media. But it has received silence among the presidential candidates.

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Daniel Barenboim takes Palestinian citizenship

This diary appeared recently on Daily Kos authored by teacherken. In a way, it reports an important contribution toward progress in settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which went much further than Bush's recent about face concerning Israel-Palestine, that is worth repeating verbatim. My thanks to Daily Kos for its policy of copy right free republication.

It is dated Jan 15, 2008 and for sake of clarity, all else that follows is from teacherken's keyboard. Daniel Barenboim, by the way, was a close friend of the late Palestinian professor, Edward Said, and together, over the years, they spoke about and worked toward peace and reconciliation in Israel-Palestine.

All that follows is teacherken's:

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The Israel Factor: presidential stands on Israel

On Thursday, January 10, 2008, the left wing British site, Jews sans frontiers, sent out this post, entitled, US presidential hopefuls and where they stand on Israel.

Although yesterday Bush called for an "end of 'occupation' of Arab lands" in Palestine, and the development of a contiguous Palestinian state, not many Palestinian observers, given his intentional ignorance of the conflict for the past seven years, placed much confidence in his words.

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Israel's false friends: US presidential candidates


So now that the New Hampshire primary is over, let's get back to the issues, shall we?

This interesting article appeared in the LA Times yesterday, written by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, the controversial authors of the critique of American foreign policy in the Middle East entitled, The Israel Lobby. It undertakes to show that unequivocal support of Israel by the leading presidential candidates, as well as their silence about Israel's military occupation of the Palestinians, while it attempts to wrest more and more West Bank land from them, undermines peace in the region.

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