Costa Rica recognizes 'State of Palestine'

Yesterday, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported: Israeli Diplomat Postpones Meeting after Costa Rica Recognizes Palestinian State. This unusual move by the small but prosperous Central American country was immediately picked up by the international press and at least two Israeli newspapers, The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz.

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Is Hillary Clinton a Neocon in our midst?

Beware the coming Democratic sea-change is the title of a recent article by David Frum, yes him, the Bush speech writer who authored the famous "axis of evil" speech. It was published on February 6 2008 in the Financial Times.

According to Frum,

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Think Hillary is terrible on foreign policy?

Listen to McCain.



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Is Dennis Kucinich Getting McKinney'd


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Hillary's foreign policy nightmare to come...

were she elected president of the United States.

In a recent Daily Kos diary, Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton (Mon Feb 04, 2008), fromtheleft listed several foreign policy reasons why Hillary is likely to follow in George Bush's footsteps and keep the United States in a state of war in the Middle East. On the matter of Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel-Palestine, Hillary's votes on matters relating to foreign policy in the Senate have followed AIPAC's right wing agenda: stay the course in Iraq, bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, and continue Israel's efforts to complete colonization of the West Bank to achieve the right wing dream of a Greater Israel.

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