Obama Fails in Middle East UPDATE

A few days ago, Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation magazine provided a summary of the state of Barak Obama's Middle East policy, as delivered in his world changing Cairo speech, which promised a new era of peace. The center-piece of Obama's policy was Palestinian statehood (the two state solution) for a people held intolerably in bondage (military occupation) for over four decades, while their lands were being colonized (through various illegal means) by Israel.


The announcement by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he will not run for reelection is the exclamation point on the utter collapse of the Obama adminstration's Middle East policy. Launched to great expectations -- the appointment of George Mitchell, Obama's Cairo declaration that the plight of the Palestinians is intolerable -- it is now in complete disarray. It is, without doubt, the first major defeat for Obama's hope-and-change foreign policy.

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NY Mets: `Racism ain't amazin'! Support Israeli colonialism

WTF! Baseball and Israeli colonialism in the same news?

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Huffington Post now featuring Israel page UPDATE

According to Huffington Post, some news is so big it needs its own page, and on matters relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel is now featured in its own foreign policy page. Other foreign countries, like Afganistan and Iran, of course, are also featured, but given that non-coverage or silence has been the preferred pro-Israel mode in mainstream American media, this trend may suggest another breakdown in the censorship that has prevailed in the US, keeping the US public ignorant of the reality. The only downside is that Huffington Post, albeit attracting a million or so visitors daily, resides in the blogosphere and is not part of our mainstream news media. Nonetheless....

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'America, stop sucking up to Israel'


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Tell Congress 'NO' on H. Res. 867

You can learn quite a bit about the crap that is going on in the Middle East by getting feed from organizations like B'Tselem. B'Tselem is the Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories, meaning the occupied Palestinian territories. B'Tselem, more than any other organization, has for years kept abreast of developments during Israel's continuing colonization of the remainder of original Palestine.

Under the right wing Likud government today, that colonization continues undeterred, right in the face of Obama's Cairo speech. Who does he think he is? A US president? Look at what happened to Bush's Road Map and the Bush Initiative. Israel eats such proposals for breakfast.

Today, B'Tselem alerted the US about a piece of legislation going through Congress intended to relieve Israel and its perpetrators of any war crimes charges in its massacre of Palestinians in Gaza late last year, i.e., rejection of the Goldstone Report.

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