Sharia = apartheid!


The news: Volume 14, Issues 13-25 - Independent Communications Network Ltd., 2000 - Page 6
Sharia is what apartheid was in South Africa. Even if constitutional, it is unjust! If we do not dismantle it like apartheid, it will dismantle Nigeria.

National Writers Syndicate - Islamic Apartheid Muslims Only
Islamic Apartheid in Mecca and Medina is a legal, political, and religious segregation enforced by the Shariah compliant country of Saudi Arabia, ...

Surrender! - HUMAN EVENTS
Jul 8, 2008 – This will mean English law must become subordinate to Sharia law. This is Dhimmitude, an Islamic system of religious apartheid begun in the 7th century that...

Shilling for Shariah | FrontPageMagazine
Aug 30, 2011
... So Shariah is based upon a religious ideology that embraces gender apartheid, religious apartheid, cruel punishment and the denial of freedoms of speech, thought, and conscience. As such it cannot be compatible with western pluralistic democratic societies.

Sharia would create legal apartheid in Britain, says David Cameron
Feb 26, 2008 - Islamic law for Muslims would create legal apartheid in Britain, David Cameron said today.

Shariah Islamic Law: Legal Apartheid
Sep 1, 2009 - Shariah Islamic Law: Legal Apartheid.

Islamic Gender & Religious Apartheid

Racism, Cultural ... - Maryam Namazie - Human Rights Activist
She is spokesperson for the One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in ... women and girls continue to face apartheid and Islamic laws and customs.

Introduction: Tenets of Shariah Law
Shariah Law is a military political doctrine written 1,200 years ago by Islamic authorities. The believers of Shariah Law have created a movement like Apartheid in which a minority oppresses a majority.
The goal of authoritative Shariah Law is to establish a one-world militant political Islam through Jihad. There are three forms of Jihad: Violent, Cultural, and Financial.

The multiculturalism backlash: European discourses, policies and practices - Page 11 - Steven Vertovec, Susanne Wessendorf - Taylor & Francis, 2010 - 210 pages
... that the ultimate outcome of multiculturalism, if unchecked, could be the recognition of Sharia law in Britain. ... quite literally, a legal apartheid to entrench what is the cultural apartheid in too many parts of our country.

Islamic Finance or Sharia-compliant Finance - Q Society
Understand what Islamic finance really is and ignore the marketing lies. - Do not endorse the introduction of sharia law and apartheid in Australia,..

Dutch VVD Bolkestein warns of Ethnic apartheid | Eux Online
He fears that there are areas in Holland where the Islamic Sharia law is being practiced.

LGF Pages - Sharia would create legal apartheid in Britain
Feb 26, 2008 – The reality is that the introduction of Sharia law for Muslims is actually the logical endpoint of the now discredited doctrine of ...

Civil Rights | American Public Policy Alliance
These groups understand what is at stake: Shariah doctrine in America is the 21st century equivalent to Jim Crow segregation laws and apartheid laws.

A Pashtoon city, Kandahar has accepted the Taliban’s strict version of sharia ... increasing dogmatism and ‘gender apartheid’ by the denial of basic human rights ...

The United Nations Should Not Recognize an Apartheid, Judenrein, Islamic Palestine
by A. M. Dershowitz
September 21, 2011 at 11:30 am
Sep 21, 2011 – It wants Palestine to be a Muslim state governed by Sharia Law... The draft constitution for the new state of Palestine declares that “Islam is the official religion in Palestine.” It also states that Sharia Law will be “the major source of legislation.” It is ironic that the same Palestinian leadership which supports these concepts for Palestine refuses to acknowledge that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people. Israel, in contrast to the proposed Palestinian state, does not have an official state religion. Although it is a Jewish state, that description is not a religious one but rather a national one. It accords equal rights to Islam, Christianity and all other religions, as well as to atheists and agnostics. Indeed, a very high proportion of Israelis describe themselves as secular...
To summarize, the new Palestinian state will be a genuine apartheid state. It will practice religious and ethnic discrimination, it will have one official religion and it will base its laws on the precepts of one religion..

Ban Koran-burning?
If Islam becomes a protected faith, free expression will be no more
The Washington Times
Thursday, April 7, 2011
... Shariah law - the legal basis of most Islamic states - is a form of religious apartheid, systematically classifying Christians and Jews as third-class citizens. Christophobia and anti-Semitism are rampant in the Muslim world.

Fears and Smears
National Review Online - ‎Oct 22, 2011‎
Moreover, they believe this can be done mostly without violence, through a sedulous campaign of voluntary apartheid (integrating with but not assimilating into the West) and the infiltration of sharia principles into our law and our institutions.

New Republic - Sep 29, 2011
Wierdly, the progressives talk all the time about class, apartheid (in Israel where it doesn't exist) but somehow doesn't see us women as a class and is loathe to speak out about the mistreatment of half the people on the planet.

Islamophobia is Not an Irrational Fear, Nor is it the Fear of Islam.
AINA (press release) - [Oct. 24, 2011]
Moreover, they believe this can be done mostly without violence, through a sedulous campaign of voluntary apartheid (integrating with but not assimilating into the West) and the infiltration of sharia principles into our law and our institutions.

Sharia: Obama-encouraged Libyan transitional council approves polygamy,...
Daily Caller - Neil Munro - ‎[Oct. 24, 2011]
... Abdul-Jalil's announced support for Islamic law could have meant anything between a symbolic nod to fundamentalist rebel groups and a promise for Saudi-style theocracy — complete with apartheid-style treatment of Muslim women and Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims. His announcement ending the Gadhafi-era ban on polygamy suggests that he and his allies intend to implement much of Sharia.


Gays can't say 'Israeli apartheid' in Toronto

Let them in the parade and let people along the parade route judge for themselves. I've booed and shouted opinions at a few organizations in gay pride parades.

Do we have to act as if everyone with a sign in a gay pride parade has to follow a certain script?

Geena, June 9, 2010 12:29 PM

It's strange that the phrase 'Israeli apartheid' is now banned at a major political event in Toronto. This involves a pro-Palestinian group that has marched in Toronto's gay pride parade for many years, as have groups supporting Israeli government policies. That 'both sides' approach seems so civilized and democratic, but times are a-changing and not for the better.

Pride festival bans 'Israeli apartheid'

Toronto parade marshal resigns in protest
By Carmen Chai
Windsor Star
June 8, 2010  

This year's Toronto Gay Pride Parade Grand Marshal has resigned and 23 former Pride Toronto activists announced on Monday they have pulled out of Pride festivities after organizers banned the term "Israeli apartheid" from its 10-day event.

"Pride's recent decision to ban the term 'Israeli apartheid' and thus prohibit the participation of the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in Pride celebrations this year is a slap in the face to our history of diverse voices," said Alan Li, a co-founder of Gay Asians Toronto who rejected his appointment as grand marshal.

"Pride's choice to take a pre-emptive step to censor our own communities' voices and concerns in response to political and corporate pressure shows a lack of backbone to stand up for principles of inclusiveness and anti-oppression." . . .

There's more...

More EU Parliament Members Quit One-Sided "Peace Delegation"

The European Union is infamous for its one-sided view of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. They routinely belittle the Jewish state and her legitimate concerns against terrorism and act as if Palestinians can do no wrong.

Well some are fed up with it. Today, even more EU Parliament members have ditched this pathetic "peace delegation."

Two more European Parliament members withdrew their participation Thursday in a controversial European Parliament delegation visit to the Middle East because they view the program as being “too one-sided.” 

The delegation of 25 parliamentarians from the foreign affairs, development and humanitarian aid committees, is due to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories next week.

In their statement, Italian Fiorello Provera, vice-chairman of the foreign affairs committee and Dutch Bastiaan Belder, chairman of the European Parliament delegation with Israel said: “We think that the delegation’s program is too one-sided, and for this reason it is extremely unhelpful to the cause we all wish to promote, at a crucial moment, when the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are restarting indirect talks.”

“Recent controversy on the nature of next week’s official delegation of the European Parliament to Israel and the Palestinian territories led us to conclude, regrettably, that we are left with no other choice but to withdraw our participation from this mission.”

They said their presence “could lend legitimacy to a mission that stands contrary to what we were elected for – to promote dialogue, reconciliation and to seek a better understanding of the complexities and the difficult challenges that the parties face on the road to peace.

“Regarding the planned visit of the delegation to Gaza through Egypt, we share the concerns of those who see these political visits as a legitimization of Hamas, an organization included in the EU terrorist list,” they added.

Its shameful that Europe, the continent which gave us fascism and communism, along with appeasement, chooses to appease Islamic terrorism, example being in Britain, where terrorists aren't deported. Hamas terrorizes its own people with violence, forces women into veils which make them property of their men, stones them for adultery, kills homosexuals, and oppresses non-Muslims, along with calling for Caliphate and support Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. Glory to those who stand up to this evil! Doesn't Europe see that Radical Islam threatens the free way of life which America gave them in the 1940s? You don't bring peace in Israel/Palestinians by supporting the radical parties. You should support the more moderate parties, with attainable and fair goals, instead of genocide and empire, which Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Ayatollah seek.


UCSD student and Hezbollah supporter supports genocide of Jews

In the I/P debate, all too often anti-Semitic racism rears its ugly head. Yesterday its biggest proponents were the Nazism, and the Communists soon followed. Today, its the Jihadists. This is clearly what is getting in the way of Middle East peace and an integral part of the jihadist ideology.

We thought we were safe from this in America, but we're not. Unfortunately, Jihadism is gaining ground as a credibile political idelogy, grounded sometimes in "anti-imperialism," despite calls for terrorist empire.

Now I'm not a fan of most of David Horowitz's views. however, as free speech is America's number one value, he does have a right to express his opinion, as did neo-Marxist pro-Islamists like Said and Khalidi.

During the question and answer period, he fielded a question from a young woman associated with UCSD's Muslim Student Association. Fairly or not, he asked the young lady whether she supported Hamas. She hedged. He then went on to say that he had recently asked another member of the MSA at a different campus whether that student supported Hezbollah. Horowitz claims that the student said that the answer to such a question was simply too complex. So Horowitz said the following:

‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

the young woman said that she is "for it."

While campus liberalism 50 years ago did help produce women's rights, civil rights gains and end the Vietnam war, sometimes it can get radical, and too radical which is not helping anything today. Today, its being on the far left just to be on the far left, Islamic terrorists and their supporters are falsely painted as "the oppressed," "colonized," blah blah blah. Israel is "Apartheid South Africa" and a "Nazi state." Colleges are supposed to be where people grow into maturity through knowledge, and now they are being hijacked. Its amazing how the college didn't do anything about her and how views are allowed to thrive like that.

Furthermore, we are seeing some student groups at college support murder against those who dare make fun of religions that aren't Christianity or Judaism.


Again, its amazing how the far left mirrors the far right in anti-semitism, anti-Americanism, and totalitarian tendencies. These contradict the true values of liberalism, of which I am a follower. Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. are not oppressed peoples, but are ideologues who oppress women, gays, minorities, etc. We must work to stop proliferation of pro-jihad views on campus, and fight bigotry and racism.

Richard Goldstone-MASS MURDERER apartheid hangman

Some thought the KKK was the only group to specialize in hanging blacks.


Recently, it has been discovered that Richard Goldstone , the man the UN is allowing to be the judge and the jury against Israel for defending itself in January 2009, was not only a judge appointed by the apartheid regime and its PM-turned-State President Pieter Willem (PW) Botha and served the purpose of apartheid, or "good neighborliness" in the words of apartheid leaders.

Goldstone ruled against the 1986 appeal of a 13-year-old boy who had been sentenced to jail for disrupting school as a protest against apartheid and increasingly draconian "emergency laws" used to preserve order and squelch opposition to the government. Goldstone, according to The New York Times, provided no comment to his decision to uphold the sentence of the lower court. 

In a similar case that year, Judge Goldstone ruled against two appellants who had been convicted for possession of a cassette tape that had a recording of an interview with Oliver Tambo. Tambo, along with Nelson Mandela, was a founding member of the ANC Youth League and later served Secretary General of the ANC itself.

The case, brought before the Transvaal Provincial Division of the Supreme Court, on which Goldstone sat, centered on whether the two young men had attempted to disseminate the tape on behalf of the ANC, thereby violating the Internal Security Act No. 74 of 1982 -- a piece of legislation that some human rights scholars have called a crucial weapon in the regime's "arsenal of terrorism legislation."

Goldstone commented in that case that Mr. Tambo's opening words on the recording indicated "beyond a reasonable doubt that the cassette in question was published or disseminated under the direction or guidance or on behalf of the African National Congress," -- a fact that, in Golstone's opinion, was sufficient basis to uphold the convictions of the two young men.

Not only this, but recently, YNet just discovered even more about this shady self-hating hypocrite.

During his tenure as sitting as judge in the appellant court during the 1980s and 1990s sentenced dozens of blacks mercilessly to their death.

Yedioth Ahronoth's findings show that Goldstone sentenced at least 28 black defendants to death. Most of them were found guilty of murder and sought to appeal the verdict. In those days, he actually made sure he showed his support for the execution policy, writing in one verdict that it reflects society's demands that a price be paid for crimes it rightfully views as frightening.

Even when it came to far less serious offenses, Goldstone sided through and through with the racist policies of the Apartheid regime. Among other things, he approved the whipping of four blacks found guilty of violence, while he acquitted four police officers who had broken into a white woman's house on suspicions that she was conducting sexual relations with a black man – something considered then in South Africa as a serious crime.


In another incident, Goldstone sentenced two young black men merely for being in possession of a video tape showing a speech given by one of the senior officials in Nelson Mandela's party.



Shame on anyone who would give this guy credibility. Who is he to tell a country that they are the "new Afrikaners," when he himself supported himself by supporting apartheid and killing others? There's really not much difference between this guy and German judges who upheld Nazism. He was "just following orders."

Another instance of Israel's enemies being shady and morally decrepid characters. Even the anti-Israel nutties cannot credibily even really defend Goldstone. They just continue to do what they're good at: spewing hateful tripe.

So Richie, next time you get on the bench, you might wanna wear your robe. Your all white one. Don't forget the hood either.


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