Open Thread

This is a thread for off-topic chatting, and other subversive activities.

Make sure to chime in on the latest MyDD Polling Project discussion. What sort of poll would you like to see on the 2008 primaries?

Also, don't forget to sign up for MyDD Madness in the ESPN Tournament Challenge. Group name: MyDD Madness. Password: MyDD. Deadline: tomorrow at noon. For the record, my bracket is mostly a statement of anger, rather than an attempt to pick accurately.

Open Thread

This is an open thread. Talk about anything you want. Anything at all.

Also, don't forget to sign up for MyDD Madness over at the ESPN tournament challenge. The group name is "MyDD Madness," and the password is "MyDD." The tournament won't be much fun without Syracuse, but I will try to bravely push forward anyway. Purdue, Stanford, Vanderbilt--what crap.

Further, I am going keep the March straw poll open for voting until around 8pm eastern. Go vote in it now--I'd like to get over 1,000 votes real votes this time. It is currently being stuffed by some Obama people, but don't worry--it is quite easy to sort out the stuffed votes from the real ones.

MyDD Madness

It's that time of year again--March Madness. With the bracket announcement less than one hour away, I have once again created a MyDD group page over at the ESPN Tournament Challenge. The group name is "MyDD Madness" and the group password is "MyDD." Join up, and let's have some off-topic fun.

Use this thread to talk about college basketball. Syracuse looks like they are in, and hopefully they can actually win a game in the tournament this year. I am a bit more worried about Drexel, which is actually in my local ward in Philadelphia. I'm sure Jerome is high on UCLA, Jonathan might want to talk up Oregon, and Tagaris is probably freaking out about Southern Illinois and the amazing season they have had (since when is a Missouri Valley team #6 in the RPI, 26-6 overall, 8-4 against the RPI top 50, 14-6 on the road / neutral court, and 9-1 in their last ten? They could easily get a #3 seed and go very deep in the tournament with that resume). Good times.

Update [2007-3-11 18:38:53 by Tim Tagaris]: Sorry, Chris ... At least you can be excited about Penn for 15 minutes or so after the game starts. Ahhh! You got 'Nova as well. Gosh, sure would love to see an SIU v. Nova matchup in the Sweet 16. Anything but SIU v. KU.

Chris: WTF??!!! Stanford gets in instead of Syracuse? Total bullshit. We've had some pretty bad first round matchups over the years, but this is just a total pile of shit decision. Oy. This is like losing a game without even getting a chance to play.

Open Thread

Tell the world what is on your mind.

Open Thread And Poll Chart

I have to run out for a while, but use this thread for anything that might be on your mind.

Also, here is a handy chart of the five national polls that were conducted from 2/22-3/1. Obama clearly appears to be surging, and now finds his average around 25%. Reports of Edwards death have been greatly exaggerated. (Notes: Fox poll includes Gore, Time poll includes only Clinton, Edwards and Obama)
Rasmussen, 3/1342615
Fox, 2/28342312
Time, 2/26423022
ABC-WaPo, 2/25432714
Zogby, 2/24332512
Five Poll Mean37.226.215.0


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