Alternative History and Open Thread

Around two weeks before I scored blogging gigs both here and at The Swing State Project, I registered the domain name in order to start up a blog of my own, The Empirical Left. However, I am quite busy with my writing these days, so instead some friends of mine have launched the blog on their own. One of the best articles on the new site engages in a little alternative history, concerning what would have happened if Carter had won the 1980 election. Here are some tidbits from that piece: In a parallel universe, we`re all up late tonight celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Israel-Palestine peace accord and scratching our heads to remember that B-list actor and McCarthy sympathizer from the 1950s who was briefly Governor of California...

You can read all about "supply-side economics" at the Larouche table outside the post office. No one else takes it seriously.

Saddam Hussein was killed by an Iranian missile strike in 1983. Not even the Soviets were interested in backing him up. Without a Great Satan knocking at their door, Iran is now a model of secular democracy wedded to Islamic cultural traditions, and is a prosperous and peaceful nation.

What else would have happened if Carter had won in 1980? I am going to a barbecue, so use this as an open thread as well.

First Open Thread

Sorry for the light posting today. For a few hours this afternoon I lacked internet access due to a dispute with PECO (the electric company). The dsipute has been resolved (it was their fault, my balance due was less than zero), but this will still probably mean that I will be unable to post until ten or eleven tomorrow monring. In the meantime, let's try an open thread. Here are some topics for discussion:

One in ten Americans works for a fast-food joint.

Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas with strong ties to Ohio (her father was both Senator and Governor of that state), might be on Kerry's short list. She might even be one of the final three, according to MSNBC.

Bush might be running out of money. At the very least, we will not be running ads during the final week at the end of June.

Zolton Grossman has compiled a complete list of Unites States military interventions since 1890.

There is also a VP poll.


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