Open Thread and The Sprinter's Running Shoes

With Jerome gone for the weekend and a few big stories (Burundi, Hurricane, McGreevey, Najaf, Olympics, Troop Withdrawals) sucking most of the air out political news, I am going to call it a day of posting and offer this open thread until tomorrow.

Personally, I am loving the Olympics, and I have placed an Olympic related poll on the main page. When I was younger, I was a pretty good sprinter, and dreamed of one day participating myself. However, no matter how hard you work at sprinting, in the end you can't put in what God left out. However, later on I did write several poems about that time in my life, and I have included one "The Sprinter's Running Shoes," in the extended section. Enjoy.

There's more...

Open Thread

I'll be back Sunday night, but otherwise I'll be spending all weekend at a family reunion in New York's Southern Tier. From Nathan Newman, here's a little class warfare for the weekend:

I would also like to note that since Bush strikes me as being in such a weak position, and since Democrats have risen to the challenge to create new media outlets and sources of funding, that if Kerry doesn't win I have the sinking feeling we won't retake the White House for a long, long time. I can only imagine what the profits / wages chart will look like after a few more Republican administrations.

Also, while Jerome is blogging at the convention, I will still be coming up with some big stuff from Philly, including an interview with Ginny Schrader and a report from a Kerry event. Next week will be huge at MyDD.

Mydd / Dkos Philly Meetup and Open Thread

I'm heading out to a Dkos / MyDD Philly Meetup at the Khyber on second street, between Market and Chestnut, but closer to Chestnut. I should be there be 4:45. $1 Lagers, $2 Yards from 5-7. Bands later on, and a close walk to see some of the new lefty documentaries at the Ritz theater. I'll have a sign, but here is a picture of me.

Hope to see you there. Otherwise, ue this as an open thread.

Open Thread

Like millions of others, I will be travelling and spending time with my family for the rest of the day, so here is an open thread. VP speculation is the order of the weekend, as will be commentary on our nation and "patriotism." Also, here is a link to every TV ad ever used in an American Presidential campaign. Which ad is the best ever? Which is the worst of all-time?

Enjoy your day.

Open Thread

If you don't want to talk about Greens or polls, use this open thread to do so. Some suggestions for discussion:

  • Write a review of Fahrenheit 911
  • Write a eulogy for Jack Ryan's campaign
Enjoy your Friday.


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