Debate Eve Open Thread

Tomorrow morning I will compile all of the ideas you guys put forth in recent debate threads to produce a coordinated plan of action. For now, consider emailing your friendly neighborhood TV pundit, and remind them to be fair to Kerry during the post-debate spin.

For now, I am going to go have some fun for once in my life. It has been an intense last few days of blogging. The next few days promise more of the same, including not only the debate but a new scandal that might be breaking (how very Josh Marshall of me). I'm taking a break for the evening. Chat away.

Open Thread

I feel like I have a brain cramp today. I meant to write more, but I was simply unable to do so. Perhaps I can drink it out during the first Philadelphia meeting of Drinking Liberally in about an hour. Go ahead and pick up the ball that I dropped, either here or in the diaries.

Update: (jerome) Who you gonna vote for on DFA's "people powered campaign" for the Senate?

Open Thread

I haven't written anything yet today--an extreme rarity for someone like myself. Part of the problem is that when I surf the Blogosphere, everyone literally seems to have gone insane. Perhaps my impression of blogs today is similar to the impression most people have of blogs all the time.

Anyway, here are some things I don't care about:

  • I don't care if someone did drugs while in the National Guard, just if someone who did drugs attempts to persecute others for doing so.
  • I don't care if someone skipped out of the Vietnam War. I can tell you right now, had I been twenty-five years younger, I would have skipped out too. I only care that someone who intentionally avoided war is so hellbent on sending others to die for equally pointless / impossible ends.
  • I could not possibly care less about the history of fonts and typefaces. I really couldn't. I guess its good that "we" are "on" this story, but this entire debate is so preposterous that if it continues to gain traction, it will add a new level of inanity to the long history of campaign coverage.
As such, I have few comments on the latest big story to develop in this campaign. Whether or not you have some input on these subjects, feel free to use this as an open thread.

Also, as you may have noticed, Anonymous Hero is no more. Register and start typing.

Update: (jerome) You poll junkies will appreciate this excellent read, from Alan Reifman, Ph. D., Associate Professor at Texas Tech University, who writes: As part of my teaching of research methodology (which includes survey sampling), I have created a web component on the sample-weighting controversy in presidential pre-election polls. I have found from past experience that linking concepts from class to current events appears to work well with students. My website would also be of interest to political/polling "junkies." Here's the article, Weighting Pre-Election Polls for Party Composition: Should Pollsters Do It or Not?

Final RNC Open Thread

It will be nice when it's all over.

Update: Zogby, again, is first out of the gate with a convention poll (8/30-9/2). What a media whore. Among LV's, Bush "leads" 46-44. If that is as bad as it gets, I'll be ecstatic. An incumbent at 46 immediately after his convention is in serious trouble. Bush is still negative in Zogby's weird job approval, and Kerry clings to a small advantage in favorables. Wonderful. Please let this or better be replicated over the next week.

Day three of the RNC, red meat time

John Kerry delivered remarks at the 86th Annual National American Legion Convention in Nashville today at about noon eastern. Republicans are going to use Cheney to "lash into" Kerry tonight.... compassion turns to "confusion of conviction" and with Zig-Zag Zell, the feeding will get to a frenzy. This is an open thread-- moved up for replay.


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