Debate Open Thread

You know what to do.

Act While I Drink

I'm going out for the evening, and I won't be back for several hours. While I am out having fun, make up for my laziness and debauchery by signing up as a volunteer for ACT. You can otherwise use this as an open thread.

Open Thread

SNL, Sunday morning talk shows, Afghan election speculation, sports, whatever.

Also, your one minute and eighteen second moment of zen.

I'm ready for President Kerry

The world would be a better place, as George Bush said.

And howabout those Internets!

Post-Debate Open Thread

I'll have my comments up in a bit. Chat about the spin. More importantly, act on the spin.

Kerry won the ABC News snap poll, 44-41, with Dems +3 in Party ID (as it should be). The pundits are spinning that Bush did better than last time--well, so what? He stunk last time. You don't win by not sucking. The viewers clearly did not think Bush won, no matter what MSGOP tries to sell them. We won the Vice-Presidential debate by turning a consensus draw into a "Cheney lied" storyline. Bush lied just as often this time. Let's turn this post-deabte spin into that.

Update: Kerry wins according to Gallup too, 47-45. Two polls, Kerry wins both. What’s that you say? Margin of error you say? Well, I say ram it. The fact is that it would take a margin of error argument now to argue that Kerry did not win. Margin of error argument are not easy to communicate on television. Let them try to struggle for a draw. Further, after suffering through five weeks of “Bush is surging,” even though the polls were still close enough to be called a tie according to margin of error, I am in no mood for the “it was a draw” last second GOP compromise. The top sheet results say that Kerry won. Let the GOP contort itself to claim a draw. At first they thought they had won. Now the polls show quite clearly that, at best, Bush managed a draw. We won. Bush did better than he ever did in a deabte in his life, and Kerry still won. Bush's best is worse than average Kerry. I'll have more on this tomorrow, but let me say it again: we won.


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