Zogby's latest: Kerry 47, Bush 46

Kerry is back in the lead with Zogby, 47-46. Without leaners factored in: Bush 46%, Kerry 46%, Nader 1.4%, Undecideds 6%. Zogby has showed Nader growing all week: (1.2, 1.4, 1.8 in the last three days). Zogby is perhaps overpolling 3rd party candidates, 2.5-3.2 by his polling estimate, with 3% undecided. Undecided voters give the President only a 37% positive job rating, while 60% are dissatisfied, and Kerry leads 48% to 41% among newly-registered voters, but will they vote? Bush leads among investors (Bush 54%-Kerry 41%); and men (Bush 47%-Kerry 46%). Kerry leads among Catholics (Kerry 49%-Bush 45%); non-investors (Kerry 53%-Bush 40%); 18-29 year olds (Kerry 56%-Bush 43%); women (Kerry 49%-Bush 46%).

The favorability ratings for Mr. Bush have remained steady at 54% while his unfavorable has risen a point to 45%. Senator Kerry’s favorable remains steady at 52% and his unfavorable has risen two points to 46%. Mr. Bush is regarded favorably by the following groups: Protestants (61%)—a number which increases to 72% among Born Again Christians; southerners (61%); married respondents (61%); whites (60%); residents of “Red States” (60%); investors (59%); those older than 65 (50%); non-union households (56%); residents of the Central/Great lakes region (55%); political independents (53%); and Republicans (92%).

Senator Kerry is viewed most favorably by: African Americans (85%); single respondents (71%); those earning $15K- $25K (69%); those earning less than $15K (65%); union households (65%); divorces/widowed/separated respondents (64%); non-investors (58%); those earning $25K-$35K (53%); Catholics (57%); residents of “Blue States” (57%); easterners (54%); westerners (53%); and Democrats (87%)...

Pollster John Zogby: “Kerry is up by one in this see-saw battle for the White House. Kerry leads by 11 in the Blue States, while Bush leads by 9 in the Red States.

I'm busy finalizing the predictions for the House, Senate & Governor 2004 Outlook pages most of today, have at it...

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Bush lands the Curse on Cardinals

Bush throws out the first pitch during the St. Louis Cardinals' season opener against the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Mo., Monday, April 5, 2004 (this was the game where the Cardinal officials piped in fake applause when Bush strode out to the mound).
A lot of people mistakenly thought that a Massachusetts-Texas World Series would be appropriate. They were wrong. President George W. Bush has no history with the Houston Astros. His history is with the Texas Rangers. In fact, his partners with the Rangers, Bill DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds, are now the main owners of the Cardinals, and he is still close to them. They were the co-chairmen of his inaugural committee four years ago. Reynolds was then named ambassador to Switzerland. One of the local owners, Stephen Brauer, was named ambassador to Belgium, and when the president comes to St. Louis, he often stays at the home of Stephen and Kimmie Brauer. So if the president has a baseball team, it's this one.

[Bush's] Former Texas [Ranger] partner DeWitt is now owner and chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals, whose owners and executives have been among the most generous to Bush's re-election campaign. The team's ownership group includes two Rangers (DeWitt and Kimmy Brauer, wife of owner Steve Brauer) and one Pioneer (Robert Castellini).

"You don't want to be the ones to revive the Sox, because the Curse might just jump outta them and into you!"

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That is it for me today. Still can't decide who to cheer for in the World Series.


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