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Tell the world what is on your mind.

Also, the "short leash" Iraq Accountability Act just passed the House, 221-205. We actually picked up three votes from last time. It is slow, but it is progress. It is also worth noting that of the ten Democrats who still voted against it, eight are in the out of Iraq caucus. So much for the vote on HR 2237 being part of any deal to pick up progressive votes.

Open Thread

Tell the world what is on your mind.

Numbers Open Thread

I am stuck in the Atlanta airport, which is going to make me late for a conference I am attending this weekend. However, there is the added side benefit of having a little extra time to blog. Here are some stats that caught my eye this afternoon:
  • My high-end national polling average stands at 34.0%--Clinton, 29.7%--Obama, 18.3%--Edwards, and 18.0% Other / Unsure. That is a record low in the high-end estimate for both Clinton and Others / Unsure, while it is a record high for both Obama and Edwards. The low-end average currently stands at Clinton--32.8%, Obama--25.6%, Edwards--16.6%, and Others / Unsure 25.0%.

  • Chris Mathews loves him some Romney. Check out how much more time Romney had to speak last night compared to other Republican candidates:
    Candidate: Questions asked / Speaking time
    1. Mitt Romney: 19 / 10 min 47 sec
    2. Rudy Giuliani: 17 / 8 min 19 sec
    3. Sam Brownback: 15 / 7 min 26 sec
    4. Mike Huckabee: 15 / 7 min 23 sec
    5. Jim Gilmore: 12 / 6 min 58 sec
    6. Tom Tancredo: 15q / 6 min 48 sec
    7. Tommy Thompson: 13q / 6 min 26 sec
    8. Ron Paul: 13q / 6 min 20 sec
    9. John McCain: 16q / 6 min 7 sec
    10. Duncan Hunter: 12q / 5 min 53 sec
  • In wake of Florida's obnoxious power grab, Iowa now seems certain to move to January 7th, or even earlier.
    The Florida Legislature's decision Thursday to move the state's presidential primary to Jan. 29 makes it more likely that Iowa's leadoff caucuses will be forced earlier - within a week of New Year's Day, Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic Party insiders said.

    Iowa's caucuses are tentatively set for Jan. 14, with New Hampshire's primary set to follow eight days later.

    "I would not be surprised if we have to move ourselves to Jan. 7," said former Iowa Democratic Party chairman Rob Tully.
    It is starting to seem like the primary calendar will go : Iowa on 1/7, New Hampshire on 1/15, Nevada on 1/19, South Carolina on 1/22, Florida and Michigan on 1/29, and Super Duper Tuesday on February 5th This isn't too bad, as it stretches out the process somewhat, but I still think my proposed calendar with Iowa and New Hampshire on December 10th and 18th respectively would be the best solution. As usual, most problems wouldbe solved if people just listened to me. No matter what happens, I hope that Iowa and Hampshire will stop their privileged, anti-democratic whining and just set their dates once and for all. I just don't know how much longer I can stand to listen to Iowa and New Hampshire officials complain, threaten, and explain why residents of those two states are the master race before I begin projectile vomiting.

  • New Diageo / Hotline general election matchups:
    Clinton 45% McCain 45%
    Giuliani 47% Clinton 43%
    Clinton 50% Romney 35%

    Obama 48% McCain 37%
    Obama 48% Giuliani 39%
    Obama 54% Romney 25%

    Edwards 48% McCain 37%
    Edwards 47% Giuliani 41%
    Edwards 52% Romney 26%
    Clearly, Diageo and Quinnipiac are not polling the same nation.
This is an open thread. Tell the world what is on your mind.

Open Thread (And Lots, Lots of Me)

I'm heading out for a couple hours to rally against the Iraq veto. Use this thread to discuss anything that might come to mind.

If you miss me while I am gone, you can watch this 48 minute video interview of me on Bloggingheads TV. I certainly enjoyed giving the interview. If nothing else, I think it has temporarily convinced me to stick with shaving. I like looking younger.

Supplemental Signing and Veto Thread

Bumped -- Jonathan... Feel free to continue this thread as President Bush explains his decision to block funding for American troops in Iraq so that he can attempt to force Congress' hand into maintaining U.S. forces in Iraq forever.

As I type this, the Iraq Accountability Act has been signed by Reid and Pelosi. Now, it is heading to the White House, where it will be vetoed. Use this thread to discuss.


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