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Democratic Nomination, At a Glance
State polls are post-debate, April 27-May 21st. Last update: May 21, 6:15 pm eastern
StateEst. Date# PollsClintonObamaEdwardsRichardson
Net Avail CashMar 31Q1$23.4M$17.7M$9.6M$5.0M
IowaJan 07424.0%21.5%27.0%7.0%
New HampshireJan 15335.0%21.3%21.0%6.5%
NevadaJan 19137.0%12.0%13.0%6.0%
South CarolinaJan 22231.5%27.5%17.0%--
FloridaJan 29341.3%18.7%15.3%--
MichiganJan 29138.0%25.0%14.0%--
National--HighFeb 05638.3%26.0%15.5%--
National--LowFeb 05834.8%25.0%14.3%--

Notes on this table can be found here. Also, I recently heard a report that indicated Michigan Democrats might go earlier than January 29th, which would really shake things up.

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I am on the road today, but I will be back tomorrow morning with a huge piece of info that could shake up perceptions of the 2008 campaign. Stay tuned...

In the meantime, tell the world what is on your mind.

Update [2007-5-17 10:40:48 by Matt Stoller]: I am also on the road today, but I wanted to leave you with this post from Carl Pope of the Sierra Club on the trade deal. I basically agree with him.

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Update: OK, the polls just closed. About 185 people voted in my division (precinct), with three people turned away at the end because they were a minute or two late. I should have done a better job making sure the people running the polls were staying open at the end. 160 of the people who voted were registered Democrats, which means we had somewhere between 36%-46% of the registered Democrats in the division vote, depending on how many of the people listed as registered votes still live in the division. I guess that isn't too bad for a primary, but back in November, about 300 local Democrats voted. I wanted to break 50%.

I won't be live-blogging any results tonight. I'm going to an after-election party in my ward. for once, I want to relax and enjoy myself as the numbers come in. Try to find a way to enjoy yourself tonight, too.

May Straw Poll and Open Thread

Today is primary day in Philly. I'll be standing outside my polling place most of the day handing out literature, so I figured we'd make it primary day on MyDD, too. The May straw poll is up. Go vote.

As always I will do my best to remove stuffed votes after the fact. You can see my method of doing do here. I will post the final results tomorrow. You can see past results here.

Vote in the May straw poll. Also, this is an open thread. (Bumped -- Jonathan)

Update (Chris): I'm back in my apartment for a mid-day break. The scene at my polling place is nuts. We managed huge turnout back in 2006, just about the largest anywhere in West Philly, and so I guess some mayoral campaigns decided it was a good place to stake out. At one point, there were four Evans people, three Knox people, and twelve people overall, standing outside my polling place alone. I'm not used to having competition for my endorsements at the polls. Haven't seen anything from Fattah or Brady around the ward, even though they are supposed to have huge ground games (or, at least, that is what we keep being told). Overall, turnout is fairly light, as only around 15-16% of registered Dems in my division (precinct) had voted by 11:15 a.m. I am still hoping for over 50% Dem turnout by the end of the day, but that might be hoping for too much, as the students just left and quite a few people in my division (over 20%) are registered with "no party" anyway. I've heard turnout is fairly light around the city. Anyway, I'm back off to the polls...

Update 2: Clearly, there was heavy stuffing for Richardson and Edwards. I will work on removing all of the stuffed votes tomorrow. Now, I have closed off voting in the poll, and I need some dinner before returning to the real polls.

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Tell the world what is on your mind.

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