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Relevant to the post on Mudcat Saunders below, I just learned that Saunders is indeed an adviser for John Edwards. I'm sure it will help the Edwards campaign to have staff members blasting the progressive blogosphere, which leans toward Edwards more than any other demographic in the entire Democratic Party. I'm also sure that there will be calls to have Mudcat fired now for openly insulting said demographic, just as there were for Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan when they said naughty words.

Just thought that was worth pointing out.

Update: For the sake of clarity, no, I don't want Mudcat fired. I didn't want Amanda and Melissa fired, either. I was just pointing out a double standard in media and consultant outcries against the blogosphere. Political professionals can trash us in offensive language easily interpreted as anti-semitic and homophobic, but we can't use iffy language and still hope to be political professionals ourselves.

Also, Mudcat has made a follow-up post.

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Debate And Related Open Thread

I hear there might be a Republican debate tonight, or something. Use this thread to discuss said debate, along with other topics.

Also, before the debate it is useful to note that the current Republican President now has only a 29% approval rating, according to a new Pew poll that is loaded with interesting info on 2008.

And just to add (Jonathan)... We'll be doing a MyDD Blog Talk Radio debate wrapup show immediately following tonight's Republican debate.

The debate clock, again, is offered by

Update [2007-6-5 21:35:58 by Jerome Armstrong]:Wolf Blitzer is a time-hog.

Open Thread

Tell the world what is on your mind.

Debate Open Thread

Use this thread to talk about the debate.

Also, Chris Dodd's internet team seems to have put together some pretty cool coverage of the debate, which you can check out here. They also have a cool debate clock that will measure the amount of time each candidate spends talking. I have embedded the clock in the extended entry.

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