Open Thread

Man, I'm pooped. Use this thread to talk about all the other stuff going on in politics today. There is a lot of important stuff, but sometimes you have to have a laser-like focus on one thing in order to be successful at anything.

So, what else is going on today? (Bumped -- Jonathan)

New Edwards Blogger Thread

I've been spending all day working behind the scenes on this, and I will continue to do so this evening. With 100 comments in the first open thread about this subject, here is a new one.

I also wish to make something else clear. While there is no way I will support Edwards with Amanda and Melissa are fired, I will immediately become a staunch Edwards supporter if they are not fired. Consider the heinous reporting that is being done in this story, where bigot William Donahue is somehow an authority on what defines hate speech, it is clear that the Edwards campaign will take a lot of flack from outside the netroots if they do not fire Amanda and Melissa. Keeping them on would show a willingness to take risks and stand up to the media in a way that most Democrats just are not, all because the campaign will be doing so in order to defend the netroots.

If someone is willing to stand with us, that should mean something big, and should not go unrewarded.

Superbowl Thread

My prediction: low scoring, defensive game. My gut and my experience tell me that the Colts will win somewhat comfortably, but my head tells me that the Bears look good to squeak this one out. No team with a defense outside the NFL top ten has ever won a Superbowl, I believe, and this year the Colts were ranked like 14th in that department. With a weak Colts run defense, the very real possibility that Grossman will have a good game, and an excellent Bears defense, Chicago could control the clock and field position.

Ah, hell. Forget the stats in pro football. It is just like almost every other NFL game: whichever team turns the ball over more will lose. Being sacked less and penalized less helps a lot too. This is especially the case in bad weather, as it appears today's game will feature.

Anyway, use this thread to talk about the game.

Update: Congratulations to the Colts. The NFC lead in Superbowls is now down to just 21-20. Growing up as a liberal and a Buffalo Bills fan, I always had a feeling that the NFC was somehow "redstate," even if the term wasn't around then. It wasn't like the AFC was "bluestate"--it was more like the punditry that lauded the NFC in those days just had a conservative feel around it (picking on the little guy, or something). Anyway, there is that. Next year, the Bills and the Eagles will face off in the Super Bowl I have always dreaded, yet which I still cheer for every year.

Open Thread

Tell the world what is on your mind.

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Open Thread

Tell the world what is on your mind.


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