Bibi did not fool the Palestinians A REALITY UPDATE

Just as George Mitchell called Netanyahu's yet to be given speech 'inadequate' a few days ago, he also did not fool the Palestinians after the fact. The Road Map is out; Apartheid is in. And if allowed to, the peace merry-go-round will presumably continue.  

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U.S. Envoy Calls Bibi's Speech `Inadequate'

....Before He Delivers It

Thanks to Richard Silverstein of Tikun Olam for not allowing this news to slip by. I'm sharing it.

That envoy is none other than George Mitchell, taking down Bibi Netanyahu for what seems to be another attempt by another Israeli PM to hoodwink the US. Well no one is winking back as in the old days when Clinton and Bush II were president, helping to get the American public to string along.

The way Silverstein put it, "George Mitchell is all over Bibi Netanyahu like white on rice."

Alledgedly, Netanyahu's much-touted speech is setting out his vision for the Palestinians. So Netanyahu, a hard right Likudnik, has a vision for the Palestinians? One does not have to imagine what it might be.

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56% of Israelis back settlement construction UPDATE

(Please read the UPDATE below)

We have a new twist in the US-Israeli Conflict.

From a recent poll of Israeli public opinion, 56% backed Netanyahu's position to continue settlement construction in the West Bank, while in a second poll, as many as two-thirds of Israelis were against dismantling settlements in order to make way for a Palestinian state. Essentially, such results are a green light for Israel to keep its colonial gains.

These results also come just a few days before Netanyahu is expected to make a major policy speech to the nation, and just a few days after George Mitchell switched paths and is now showing interest in discussing the settling of Israel's borders, a move that would circumvent the settlement construction issue.

The colonization of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem thus appears to have majority support from the Israeli public. The hawks seem to be in charge.

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The US-Israeli Conflict: the latest games

While the Netayuha government persists in its refusal to freeze the building of settlements, a few days ago George Mitchell, Obama's point man on establishing Palestinian statehood "within two years," raised the ante, indicating that the US might go directly to talks about setting Israel's (hence, the future Palestinian state's) borders.

It almost seems as if Netanyahu's intransigence on the settlement freeze is raising the stakes in what is becoming a chess match. Setting borders avoids the settlement freeze issue.

Senior U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama's Mideast envoy George Mitchell, say they might propose immediate talks on setting Israel's border along the West Bank.

The move comes in light of Israel's opposition to a freeze on settlement construction and would determine which settlements will remain in Israel in a final deal that would see the emergence of a Palestinian state.

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Netanyahu's headache isn't Obama

It's the uber-Zionist religious settlers depicted in this Max Blumenthal video, who are Netanyahu's primary base of support.

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