Juan Cole: 'Where Netanyahu will take America' UPDATES

When I read this article entitled, Netanyahu: Train Wreck for Israel, Middle East; Looming Disaster for United States, I realized that it was about America's continual succombing to Israel's influence, and how disasterous that has been and will be for America's future.

Juan Cole's outlook on the Middle East and the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace, meaning the two state solution, since the Israeli election can only be described as beyond pessimism. To understand why, I have referenced Cole's references by title, all of which provide insightful reading about the train wreck he is talking about. In the end, a confrontation between Israel's new right wing government and Obama is in the making, unless AIPAC can intervene to control him. With George Mitchell announcing Obama's position on two states, a confrontation with Netanyahu and the Apartheid vision of Likud now openly exists. My own impression is that Netanyahu will use the old stall then blame tactic ("we have no partner" or "Hamas denies Israel's right to exist" or some other excuse) to deflect US peace efforts. Read on.

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Oh Shit! Looks like it's Netanyahu. Let the games begin

This story from the Associated Press (via MSNBC) sent shivers down the spines of every human rights activist here and in the Middle East. It will be more of the same, as Netanyahu is now favored to take over the government, even though confrontation with the Obama administration has been made inevitable.

And Shimon Peres, the sham peacenik President of Israel, is out there in right wing drag showing his true colors. It was up to him to bring together a coalition of parties to lead the country forward, not backward.

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If Labor can earn 15-16 mandates, it will be a power player, Barak would be a viable Defense Secretary candidate. In fact, if the power is in Barak's hands he might actually be more likely to join a Likud-led government than a Kadima-led one, not the least out of a desire to squeeze Kadima and return to the previous two-party system.

Netanyahu certainly wants, if not needs, Barak, or perhaps Livni, to govern. He has learned the lesson from his previous term as Prime Minister, namely that he cannot afford to govern with a right-only coalition. This is not only due to domestic politics, which requires buy in across the board, but also due to relations with America. Netanyahu's prickly relationship with the Clinton administration played no small part in the failure that was his time as Prime Minister, and America undoubtedly played a role in Netanyahu's loss at the hands of Barack in 1999.

And on the issues, there is not a great deal of difference between the three parties.

At this point, however, so much can happen based on the outcome of the conflict in Gaza.

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Olmert or Netanyahu: Will it make a difference?


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NOT Netanyahu - Olmert is Resigning

http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/i dUSL017260420080730?feedType=RSS&fee dName=topNews&rpc=22&sp=true

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will announce on Wednesday that he will leave office in two months, Israel's Channel Two television reported.

The report said Olmert will not run in his Kadima party's leadership contest on September 17, clearing the way for rivals to try to form a new government. Channel Two said Olmert would step aside as soon as Kadima chooses a new leader.

Well, Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud has wanted to be Prime Minister again.  He's certainly going to try for it now.  God help us if he gets the job.  Nothing but blood, death, and suffering will come if he regains power.

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