Response to TarHeel: Obama Is Your Corporate Democrat, Not Hillary

TarHeel neglected to post a video of the Corporate Democrat whose support for Lieberman is unequivocal.  I recommend TarHeel and others watch the following video:

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Kos Poll: A Year Later What Does it Mean?

I wasn't surprised by the results of the Kos poll.  It only confirms what I've known for some time.  Joe Lieberman sold voters in CT a bill of goods, and buyer's remorse has set in.  But the race is long over.  You might be asking yourself what the value of knowing is?  The answer is political capital, namely how little of it Lieberman has left.  

Lieberman used up nearly all of his political capital in last year's Senate race.  I don't believe he could win another election here, even with being a well known, well funded incumbent.  More important is how little weight his endorsement will carry, and how Democrats can use that to our advantage.  

What does that mean for 2008?  Here in Connecticut it's good news for Jim Himes.  Lieberman will almost certainly endorse Shays and campaign for him in the 4th CD.  Who better to illustrate Shays' ever changing position on Iraq than Joe No one wants the troops home more than I do Lieberman?  I can't wait for them to hit the campaign trail together.  

Nationally, Lieberman's lack of political capital can be utilized for any race he chooses to get involved in.  We've already seen Senate Challenger Tom Allen invoke Lieberman's support of incumbent Susan Collins with great results.  Joe Lieberman could easily become one of the best weapons in the progressive Dem infrastructure's arsenal. Who will Joe help next?

Confessions of a Former Lieberman Staffer

This diary was originally posted at My Left Nutmeg (

I was a regional field director for the 2nd CD for Joe Lieberman in 2006. Thanks to my new friend tparty, I've been given the opportunity to give the MLN community a behind-the-scenes look at the historic '06 primary from a new perspective.

In the spring of '06 I had decided not to return to school to pursue a career in restaurant management. That didn't last long, especially when I realized my passion was in politics. I signed up for Democratic Gain and sent my resume to just about every race I could. I interviewed for jobs in New Jersey, Missouri, Michigan, Washington and here in Pennsylvania. I was leaning toward the job in Jersey when I got a call from Lieberman's field director. We talked for about an hour, and he offered me a job. I was pretty excited, because Lieberman was a national figure, and I thought it would look great on my resume.

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One Year Ago Tonight Late Night Open Thread

I was checking out the Ned Lamont victory walk down memory lane over at MyLeftNutmeg earlier tonight (in L.A. here so it's still sort of 1 year later technically) -- definitely worth a look. Ned's campaign manager Tom Swan has a diary up and there's a lot of reminiscing to be had. While I've lived in Los Angeles for 8 years, I'm from Connecticut originally and so took great interest in the race. I recall, on election day, calling my friend and urging him to get his parents to vote for Ned. He turned his mother from Joe to Ned so I was proud to have singlehandedly lost Joe two votes.

I remember I stayed at work to see the results come in and was updating everyone I knew who cared with the results via e-mail from the first numbers at 5:32pm to Joe's concession at 8:04pm. I found my recaps of Joe's and then Ned's speeches, thought they might be cool to reprint tonight, 1 year later...

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Lamont-Lieberman: One Year Out

Today marks the first anniversary of the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary in which Ned Lamont crashed the gates, defeateing three-term incumbent and establishment favorite Joe Lieberman. Though Lieberman managed to secure another term by running a third party candidacy fueled in no small part by Republican donors and voters (70 percent of GOP voters in the state backed Lieberman over their own party's nominee in the general election), it would be worth looking back towards the 8/8/2006 primary and the general election -- particularly among Democrats -- to see if Connecticut voters have any second thoughts about sending Lieberman back to Washington.

So what we'd like to see at this point is fairly simple. In the next poll from Quinnipiac of the Hartford Courant or whoever else does polling in the state of Connecticut, we'd like to see voters asked whether they still stand by their decision to vote elect Joe Lieberman. This question could follow a statement about Lieberman's strong support for George W. Bush's Iraq escalation or his calls for military action against Iran, but maybe not also. Perhaps a balanced question that pits Lieberman's long service or committee chairmanship or perceived centrism against his overt hawkishness would be more to their liking. Who knows.

Now I do know that I, for one, would be someone who would admit to having different feelings today than a year ago. Mind you, I was no vocal supporter of Senator Lieberman, either in the primary or the general election. That said, I thought that the specter of a primary challenge would force him to come home to the base and moderate some of his hard right positions, particularly in the area of foreign policy. Clearly, I was wrong in this belief.

So will The Courant or Quinnipiac go ahead and do what they should do? If you'd like to do your part to cajole them, send a polite and courteous email to either or (Upate: email address fixed) letting them know exactly what type of question you'd like to see them ask on this subject. Perhaps one email, or one blog post won't sway their opinion. But, then again, if enough voices call out, perhaps they will listen.

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