Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up: The Republicans Control Congress

Read Chris Bowers' piece 'The Republicans Control Congress.'

I just read this awful and pathetically narrow piece of 'news' from the New York Times:  Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities.  All of the Democratic elected leaders that are quoted look dumb:  Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Phil Bredesen, Evan Bayh, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Barbara Boxer come off as people looking to someone else to lead.  Here are a few rules of thumb for elected Democrats:

1) No elected Democrat should talk to Adam Nagourney on a strategy piece.

2) If you are an elected Democrat, just stop talking about what Democrats need to do to be elected.  Tell the country that Republicans are in charge and if people want a change they should vote for new leaders.

3) Any 'senior Democratic advisor' who blasts Democrats needs to be called out as not representing the party.  I didn't vote for senior Democratic advisors, and neither did you.  I don't represent the party, and neither do you.

4) My party elected Howard Dean, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi - you are our elected leaders so quit pretending like there's a mythical Democratic leader out there who speaks for us.

5) And read Digby.  NO MORE PROCESS TALK!!!!

6) If you don't know what to say use the following preface to every single one of your sentences.  "You have to keep in mind that the Republicans control Congress, which means...."

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