NC-11: WNCNN Season Finale - "Loser"

It's a bittersweet time for us here at WNCNN headquarters, as we have just wrapped production on our first season over the weekend. We are proud, and just a little misty, to present our Season Finale of God Fearin' News!

In this episode, Sally Love talks to an overly amorous political science professor with an interesting theory about the future of representative democracy, Nancy Pelosi visits the 11th District and reminds us once again that she's from California, a surprise dark-horse third-party candidate enters the Congressional race, and WNCNN gets ready for the big time as word gets out that they've been purchased by a major corporation!

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On the Road Again

by Rep Earl Blumenauer, Tues Oct 17, 2006

Part of the challenge of this campaign season is balancing the demands of national efforts with responsibilities here at home.  Last week was a perfect example as I juggled the day to day work in Congress with politics here in Oregon and day trips out of state.  We started last weekend with a series of events, including the kickoff of the Democratic Campaign in Multnomah County where we concentrated on the Oregon Legislature and school district campaigns.  

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The Pelosi Agenda: A lesson in how not to rally the troops

(cross-posted at Deny My Freedom and Daily Kos)

Today, on Penn's campus, a rally was hosted with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), PA-06 Democratic candidate Lois Murphy, and the incumbent from PA-13, freshman Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA). Members from the campaign of PA-08 Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy were also on hand, distributing flyers for Wednesday's upcoming rally with former president Bill Clinton. This is the big event on campus for the Penn College Democrats, and our board did a great job of setting up the event. We had a more modernized banner, and we were able to fill the room to standing-only capacity. For 10 AM on a rainy Friday morning, it was impressive to get that kind of turnout to see the next Speaker of the House.

That being said, if there is one thing this rally demonstrated, it is that it's not very difficult to understand why we have such a difficult time convincing people to vote for Democrats. This rally - although well-organized by the Penn Dems - was the epitome of everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party's messaging. Follow me below the fold for a full review...

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Republican Attacks on Pelosi Still Not Sticking

Over the course of this campaign season, House Republicans in competitive districts across the country have tried to attack their Democratic challengers by tying them to Nancy Pelosi, the "San Francisco liberal" who would be Speaker if the Democrats were to gain a majority in the House.

Several weeks ago I looked at polling on Pelosi's name recognition and found that, although her favorable ratings were not particularly high, a 53 percent majority of Americans did not know enough about the Democratic leader to form an opinion. Today, that number remains effectively unchanged, seriously calling to doubt the Republican strategy of attacking Pelosi.

According to the latest Hotline-Diageo poll (.pdf), just 40 percent of registered voters and 51 percent of likely voters know enough about Pelosi to form an opinion about her. The 54 percent of registered voters who don't know enough about her to form an opinion is statistically unchanged from previous polling, indicating that the Republican tactic is largely failing.

Pelosi's favorable/unfavorable spread is 18/22 among registered voters and 23/28 among likely voters. While this isn't great, it's not terrible, either. Even among registered Republicans, only 38 percent rate her unfavorably -- not a particularly high number for someone as maligned in paid media as Pelosi.

If House Republicans believe that they can retain control of the chamber by bashing Nancy Pelosi, they are terribly wrong.

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Reminiscing About the Future: George Bush's Resignation Speech On September 11, 2007

The diary below was originally posted earlier today in my blog the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

It appears Democrats will prevail this November and become the majority party in the House of Representatives. Republicans are likely to retain their majority in the Senate - although severely narrowed. John Conyers the ranking Democrat of the House Judiciary Committee has signaled his willingness to impeach President Bush if given the chance. Vice President Cheney may elude this fate if impeachable offenses can't be linked to his office. Legally, the President is the "decider" regardless of the Vice President's influence. Below is a dramatization of what may transpire using the PBS News Hour as a vehicle. The date is September 11, 2007.

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