Why I look forward to the 110th Congress

Currently, i'm reading a book titled Party Wars by Barbara Sinclair. In the book she talks about how the Democrats functioned as a minority party for so long (but no longer), yet kept party unity. This clearly shows the leadership that Nancy Pelosi is capable of displaying. I found this evident in the way the Democrats stood together on that horrible Medicare prescription drug bill in the past.

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Roll Call: Pelosi to Back Murtha

Per Roll Call, via Josh Marshall, presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now publicly supporting Jack Murtha for the Majority Leader position (I suspected as much listening to her during a recent conference call with her). As you may remember, I'm not wholeheartedly opposed to Steny Hoyer serving as Majority Leader, particularly because of his success whipping the House Democrats during the first session of the 109th Congress (though I'm not quite as gung ho as I once was on this stance). What are your thoughts?

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David Swanson and the Case for Impeachment: A MyDD Diary Special

So I've seen some interesting discussion re: to impeach or not to impeach on MyDD. Great.

The last two days I had the chance to speak with David Swanson, Co-founder of Democrats.com and Creator of After Downing Street.org.

Yesterday, Swanson and many others spoke before hundreds of people at an impeachment rally in Philadelphia that drew the likes of Cindy Sheehan, Tim Carpenter of the Progressive Democrats of America, Code PINK and Veterans for Peace folks and a number of reputable liberal/progressive bloggers.

Please take some time to read the interview I had with him. I know there are a lot of apprehensions for pursuing impeachment but my hope is that this will clear up the misconceptions "some" people may have. Some of this material will appear later this week in another publication I write for.

Be well and enjoy the interview. Looking forward to the discussion.

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Gay Pink Slips (comic)

Crossposted from Town Called Dobson

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

President Bush yesterday fired Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in a last-ditch attempt to rally his base and stave off a GOP disaster in the midterm elections.

When told that the election had already taken place, and that his party had suffered a bloodbath worthy of "Fight Club of Fallujah," Bush explained that he must've been relying on the official GOP Calendar, which is based on the 19th Century.

However, when informed of the GOP's disastrous loss of both houses of Congress, Bush admitted that he had been somewhat distracted by a contest he had entered into with Karl Rove: "Maybe if I had been more of a delegator, and less of a masturbator, things woulda' turned out differently."

In fact, things went so badly for the Republicans, they even lost the pedophile vote by a two-to-one margin.

CONTTINUED at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=403

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