MyDD5 update & back

beta testing live?  Yea, its still somewhat in progress of working out all of the features, at the same time that we get bugs squashed. But, its been 5 weeks from the date of the launch, and things have moved in the right direction. We are working on some of the comment features right now, so those may go through some hiccups in the process.

I am waiting for the spell-check in the editor....

You'll be seeing more changes here, as I am hoping that we get the beta thingy 'finished' by the end of March-- and I think we will... let us know in the comments of any compliments (yea right) or disparaging remarks in the comments.

Oh, I don't know why I didn't just tell them when they called me in Cocles beach just south of Puerto Viego in Costa Rica on Thursday, that my flight was canceled... 'OK, we'll just spend another week on the Caribbean beach' instead of going through the travel detours (which were still fun) of three days waiting to get into DC.


MA Senate Prediction thread

Of course, I hope my analytical hat is wrong. But frankly, I would take the 2:1 or 3:1 that Chris Bowers and Nate Silver are handing out for their odds. It's always fun when we have a polling upset though,

I loved Kyle's idea of baking the predictions into the user system here, but until then, we'll have to use a prediction thead, so make yours in the comments. The best/closest will get their bonus in a shout-out. Mine is the same as yesterday: Brown 53, Coakley 46, Kennedy 1

One more ironic note. If Coakley wins, it will be Rasmussen, with its final poll, that has called it correct. Rather than release a poll closer than a week out, Rasmussen just had this to say:

That’s a long way around saying that we’re right back where we were a week ago - at the time of the last Rasmussen Reports poll. Brown is leading slightly among those certain to vote, and Coakley will do better if more Democrats show up.

Quite the hedge for a Brown win, but positioned to have a response for those that say Rasmussen is biased in its questioning if Coakley wins.

Also, things continue to press ahead for MyDD 5. I am hoping we get the new WYSIWIG and post/preview/draft system deployed this week for entries and comments. We've put in a "news feed" to track replies for now. But ultimately, we'll also return with a user profile that has things like what are on DKos, but also working in a follower/following and private message system with the user profile, as part of this first phase of 5.


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