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Chris recently wrote a great piece about a new counter-culture hitting the mainstream, and suggested that this new counter-culture is left-wing.  While I wouldn't disagree, it seems that the counter-culture is also more grassroots and organic, filling niches that weren't filled before.  The reason this causes left-wing culture germination is because the left has been starved out of other channels, and so acts like a weed growing between concrete.

But the same forces undergirding left-wing grassroots culture are causing right-wing culture to grow, especially where the right is starved.  Red State is one example.  But youth culture is another - there is little good programming for youth (on the right or the left), and so the right is using this as an opportunity to cry 'liberal media' and create an explicitly partisan channel for youth. This is on top of all the new punk/hip hip Christian stuff that is apparently very popular.  MTV is a lot like mainstream media - as a force it is liberal on social policies, but intensely consumerist and elitist in a way that reinforces authoritarianism.  The grassroots energy is there for a successful youth channel, partisanship notwithstanding.  Even if the U Channel doesn't work (and it should if it takes advantage of newly media literate youth), this channel will force MTV to the right - MTV spokespeople are already quivering about how they are balanced in their news coverage.  

So this new counter culture stuff works both ways.

Front Page of the Philadelphia Inquirer This Morning

(Click on image to enlarge) Notice anything missing in this story? I think the Inquirer needs to hear about Ginny Schrader. They might find the blogosphere story of the past two days rather interesting. Contact them.

527's & Whoopie on a Bush

The GOP is way behind the Democrats in raising funds for 527's. Progress for America and the Leadership Forum announced on May 13th that they were going to compete against the Democratic-leaning 527's, but to date: Almost all the money raised by Progress for America, $2 million, was given by three contributors, all of them already major fundraisers for the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign: A. Jerrold Perenchio, chairman of Univision Communications Inc., who gave $1 million, as well as Carl H. Lindner, chairman of the American Financial Group Inc., and Paul Singer of Elliott Capital Advisors LP, who each gave $500,000.

Perenchio's Univision was granted permission in 2003 by the Federal Communications Commission to merge with the Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. to become the dominant Hispanic media conglomerate in the United States.

Almost all of the money raised by the Leadership Forum was a $15,000 contribution from the American Spirit Fund, a PAC associated with former senator Jesse Helms (R-N.C.).

I don't get that one.  Univision's chairman is giving $1 Million to the GOP?  Not even Murdoch gets away with that open of a bias to flush $1M to the Republicans!

Then this, while the Dems 527's have raised somewhere around $100 million this cycle, their latest includes:

ACT and the Media Fund receive support from the Joint Victory Campaign Committee, which yesterday reported raising $1 million from New York philanthropist Lewis B. Cullman; $505,000 from AgVar Chemicals President Agnes Varis; and $250,000 from Slim-Fast Foods Co. President S. Daniel Abraham. Ah Slim-Fast's Abraham. On the one hand..... and on the other, "Slim Fast claims they started receiving complaints from offended Republicans..." like this one from Freeperville, so they dumped Whoopie Goldberg for her anti-Bush comments.

Even the Pravda can see what's happening in the USA:

This reporter is also starting to see a rapid decline in the number of comedians poking fun at George Bush. The question now becomes: is America entering into dark waters?

New Kerry Ads Target Latinos and African-Americans

The Kerry campaign has launched a new ad buy on Spanish language television:In what it says is the largest Hispanic advertising buy ever made in a U.S. presidential race, the Kerry-Edwards campaign is spending $1 million for a 10-state TV, radio and print campaign.

The new ads launch today with a spot called "Honor" and are expected to run through the Democratic convention, which starts July 26. The ads were created by Chambers Lopez & Gaitan, Arlington, Va.

The ads are running in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

This is a very good idea, especially considering the numbers both Jerome and kos have previously talked about. Kerry has also launched an ad buy aimed at the African American community that will include a new ad, "Who Is This Man?" Democrat John Kerry initiated a $2 million ad campaign aimed at black voters Wednesday, encouraging them to turn out to vote for the candidate because his plans on jobs, health care and education could have a direct impact on their lives.

The campaign, much of it targeted to black-owned media, includes print, radio and television ads. The ads will run in battleground states as well as major cities in other states.

Watch both of the ads on the video page of Kerry's website.

Leaked Memos from Fox News

Wonkette has posted around thirty Fox News Memos released to reporters by people associated with Outfoxed(now #1 on Amazon). Because of their enormity, I have not reproduced them all here. However, in the extended copy, I have selected some of the juiciest bits. Read all of them at Wonkette.

Update (Jerome): I just want to put one of them on the front page here. I want to see John Moody go on FOX News and explain to the family of the soldier killed on 3/25 that he's not the "real story" but instead, just a "temporary tragedy". That one made my blood boil. How could anyone view a soldiers death, which rips apart a family network for life, so casual?

From: John Moody
Date: 3/25/2004
As is often the case, the real news is Iraq is being obscured by temporary tragedy. The creation of a defense ministry, which will be run by Iraqis, is a major step forward in the country's redevelopment. Let's look at that, as well as the deaths of a US soldier in a roadside bombing.

There's more...


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