Steve Sarvi, sending John Kline back to Texas with W.

I wrote the bulk of this diary a few days ago but since today is the MN blogosphere's day to beg for money for Steve I am reposting this.

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Why Steve Sarvi is right for MN-02

Now that I have been inspired by some epic snark, I am ready to get on with my penance of candidate diaries.  I turn away from the lesser 49 states and instead focus on the greatest state ever, MN. (note I am joking with this).

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John Kline's Trolling Spokesman (MN-02)

Man, the internet is not kind to Republican sleazy tactics. In Minnesota, conservative Republican John Kline's operatives have been posting anonymously on local blogs. His people have been busted once, and apparently here comes smackdown number two.

Congressman John Kline has resorted again to hiring people and recruiting volunteers to anonymously attack for him.

"Klinefan" a frequent (and impolite) poster to this blog has been posting his comments from the same ip address that hosts John Kline's re-election website!

Kline campaign spokesperson, Marcus Esmay, who recently sent a letter to the Star-Tribune that uses much of the same arguments in "Klinefan's" postings says he was also the only one who was in Kline's Burnsville campaign headquarters during Klinefan's most recent postings. When I called, Mr. Esmay said he had nothing to do with the postings. Coincidentally, "Klinefan" logged off the site within minutes of Mr. Esmay hanging up the phone. Draw your own conclusions.

John Kline has used anonymous bloggers to attack Coleen Rowley in the past. Michael Brodkorb made frequent anonymous attacks on Rowley as "MDE" until he was sued for libel and was forced to unmask. Brodkorb also happens to be the Republican Chair of Senate District 38, which coordinates Kline's campaign in the Eagan/Burnsville area. As we've reported before, Brodkorb is also on the payroll of a company that does work for John Kline's campaign and is also a paid consultant to the Mark Kennedy campaign.

That's some awesome integrity there. In Republican-land, this probably qualifies Marcus Esmay for a raise.

Coleen Rowley-- Live on Firedoglake

In February I wrote an endorsement of Coleen Rowley's campaign to replace Minnesota right wing extremist John Kline in Congress. Right now (11AM PST/2PM back east) Coleen is over at Firedoglake participating in a live q&a. She's an exceptional candidate so come on over and hear what she has to say and ask her whatever you'd like.

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MyDD Conversation with MN-02 Candidate Colleen Rowley

Last week I had the chance to speak with Colleen Rowley, one of Time magazine's people of the year in 2002 for blowing the whistle on the FBI and a current Congressional candidate in Minnesota's 2nd district.

Unfortunately, I am having some difficulty uploading the audio from the interview (I'm almost done switching over to a new system, but the move is not yet complete), but you can read a rush transcript below.

Jonathan Singer: For those who are unfamiliar with your story still, could you please share with us why you are running for Congress?

Colleen Rowley: When you said story, I couldn't help thinking of that Country/Western song, "This is My Story and I'm Sticking with It."

But in my announcement, I explained that I had witnessed pre-9/11 some of the errors in the Moussaoui case that prevented more effective investigation and could have in some ways prevented or minimized 9/11. As bad as that was, I then of course had the misfortune of witnessing a whole number of series of mistakes, almost like dominoes, since 9/11. I think in many ways the terror attacks have furnished a basis and a pretext for so much of what's gone wrong.

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