Anti-Hillary Media Bias Proven!

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Something unusual has occurred during the past few days. An actual journalist has been questioning what has become the conventional wisdom concerning Hillary's campaign. Finally we have a respected person bringing in other respected people to discuss the issue of this Democratic nomination process without the constant influx of lies that the Obamedia has perpetuated.

This rational discussion began March 31st on Lou Dobbs Tonight. A segment of the show was dedicated to the negative media bias against Hillary. [The VIDEOS are BELOW.] Perhaps most significant was the fact that Dobbs actually presented hard evidence that proved that the media was biased in favor of Obama.


Those voices in favor of Senator Obama say Senator Clinton should end her campaign for quote "the good of the party." And that a long campaign would quote "tear the party apart and ensure a Republican victory in November", but when it comes to the largest audiences the three nightly broadcast newscasts, the bias is seemingly most pronounced. The nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs has found that since last December, 83 percent of the reporting on Senator Obama was positive. Only 53 percent of the reporting on Senator Clinton was positive.

30% is a significant difference!
It seems clear that this pro-Obama media bias (Obamedia) is an intentional strategy concocted by the Obama campaign and the Obama media supporters.

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The Pundit Blog Launches

So I just got notice that The Hill launched a new feature called 'The Pundit Blog', described as follows:

The Hill's Pundits Blog went live today, with posts from Dick Morris, Lanny Davis and A.B. Stoddard. The blog ( offers sharp insight and pointed commentary from some of the best-known political operatives in America. Pundits Blog will be adding more big names to its lineup of contributors in coming days and weeks.

The post at the top of the blog is titled 'To My Fellow Democrats: It's Time To Stop The Politics of Personal Destruction' and it's by Lanny Davis.

You all can stop reading MyDD now.  The Pundit Blog is here.

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More on Joe Lieberman's "Bi-Partisanship"

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Over at The Gadflyer, Cliff Schecter does the dirty work of actually reading through some of Lanny David's latest book Scandal: How 'Gotcha' Politics Is Destroying America (Cliff read through the reviews, which seems heroic enough to me). Lanny Davis is Joe Lieberman's mouthpiece (and has been using the attention drawn to Lieberman's campaign to plug his new book--classy), so I think it would be informative to see who Davis views as bi-partisan enough to give a blurb on his new book. Cliff has the details:Lindsey Graham - Yes the current GOP Senator and former House Impeachment Manager of the hyperpartisan effort to oust President Clinton is exactly the sort of person who doesn't practice "gotcha politics." Good choice there. Says a lot about your judgment. OK--so Lindsay Graham leads the charge to impeach Bill Clinton, and then Davis has him plug his new book about how "gotcha" politics are destroying America? I guess for Lieberman, the Bill Clinton impeachment wasn't a scandal, but rather a time when both parties and the vast majority of the nation came together to try and out a President against the wishes of 65-70% of the population.

You might think that alone is enough o sink any credibility behind the "bi-partisan" schtick of Lieberman supporters, but there is more:Michael Medved - All around idiot and conservative shill, who thinks it is just peachy for Mel Gibson to use anti-Semitic slurs and refers to himself as a "cultural crusader." Solid uniter. Yes, it was truly bi-partisan to praise Mel Gibson's anti-semitic remarks. Medved, a former guest host for ultra-bi-partisan Rush Limbaugh, is so bipartisan, he has also coined some nice nicknames for people:
  • Wesley Clark as "Weaselly" Clark
  • John Edwards as John "Shyster"
  • Libertarian Party as the "Losertarians"
  • Constitution Party the "Constipation Party"
  • Green Party the "Spleen Party"
  • "turd parties," in reference to all third parties in general
Of course, rather than condemning someone like this for being a foul-mouthed, anti-semitic polarizer (as Lieberman supporters have repeatedly characterized bloggers), instead he is asked to plug a new book on bi-partisanship written by one of Lieberman's biggest supporters. That should say a lot aobut what Lieberman supportersreally mena when it comes to bi-partisanship. (Incidentally, I wonder what Medved thinks of "the Connecticut for Lieberman" party?)

But wait, there are more great bi-partisans who Lieberman supporters turn to as people to plug books on "bi-partianship:"Joseph DiGenova - Complete right-wing hack masquerading as an objective commentator. He thinks the Valerie Plame incident never should have been investigated. That makes me want to work with him. I see--Clinton impeachment good, Valerie Plame investigation bad. Vulgar, anti-semtiic slurs form right-wing talk show hosts good, vulgar, anti-semitic slurs from random commenters on open-forum blogs bad. And there, in a nutshell, you have the view of bi-partisanship from the Lieberman camp.


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