Lanny Davis to MyDD: Obama Won, But Clinton Is Holding Her Delegates Anyway

As the press broke down gear and supporters streamed out of the gym after Hillary's speech, I spoke to Clinton supporter Lanny Davis about his view of tonight's results:

JO: Do you consider the nomination settled?

LD: Well, the majority rules, and he's got a majority that amounts to his victory. But she said tonight she's not making a decision about releasing her delegates, and that's a significant statement. I know that she's concerned about issues in the platform such as health care, and I know she's concerned about our process - how we nominate candidates in the future.  So holding onto her delegates is really the headline of the night.

This is about as clear an analysis from the Clinton side as I've heard. Hillary's campaign knows Obama's won - but they're holding their leverage for something.

In her speech, Clinton herself addressed the question of "what does Hillary want?" by talking about ending the war in Iraq, turning the economy around, and other such broadly noble goals.

But she can't actually exchange her delegates for those things.

So cynically, I think she likely wants something more concrete for herself from the Obama campaign before she concedes.

We'll see what happens in the next two days. I doubt party leaders will show much patience for this delay.

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Clinton + Fox News + Rove = Dream Team


Enough is enough. Stop the insanity now folks. Hillary is now friendlier with Rove and Fox News than with fellow Democrats.

On Monday, she quoted Rove's Electoral Map as her strength against Obama. Note that Rove is a McCain adviser. Is everyone ok with this?

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Superdelegates Don't Count Move the Goal posts

According to Lanny Davis it doesn't matter how many Superdelgates
endorse Obama right now because of course they can change their minds. So even if Obama reaches or surpasses the needed delegate count before the convention they are still up for grabs. On Larry King yesterday he said the Florida and Michigan voters should have their voices heard first even if Obama surpasses the "winning delegate" count. In my opinion this is another reason why the Democratic party wants to end this race A.S.A.P.
Lanny Davis doesn't seem to mind going to the convention and having a huge fight. This wouldn't be good because Senator Clinton would have nothing more to lose and I think it would be devastaing to both candidates. Does Lanny Davis speak for Senator Clinton I don't know but he is a trusted friend and advisor so I think this is the Clinton strategy. Delegates don't count NOW.

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Lanny Davis Takes His Toys and Goes Home

Sigh.  I used to like hearing some of what Lanny Davis used to say...  a couple years ago.

Now this:

Lanny Davis appeared on CNN during primary night...  Davis said by phone this afternoon, that he considers it "the worst experience I ever had on television"... After waiting for nearly 90 minutes, Davis finally got on the air only to hear [Anderson Cooper make a] "sarcastic crack about anti-Clinton conspiracy." "I literally had to take a breath," Davis said...

While Davis now maintains that the pro-Clinton position wasn't given ample time, he did acknowledge on air that he'd gotten to make his point. "Thank you for letting me speak for so long, Anderson," he said at one point.

But off camera, Davis considered leaving altogether, but decided not to storm out of the studio.

Since Tuesday, Davis spoke to CNN political director Sam Feist, and has decided not to appear on the network during election coverage.

Update: Watch the video of his appearance below, it's was painful TV.

Now Davis has decided to walk off with his toys and play in his own yard.

Vaya con Dios...

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BREAKING: Lanny Davis calls for Howard Dean's RESIGNATION

Lanny Davis, per an interview on FOX, stated that Howard Dean worked on behalf of the Obama campaign to nix the NC debate.

He called for his resignation.

Fireworks in the making folks.

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