Baggin the blame game

This is a Mad quote:
"Can I speak freely about the liberal whiners?" asks a well-connected Democratic strategist. "These are the same people who have never participated in, much less won, a campaign, who have no idea what it takes to maintain a majority and keep a speaker of our party, who want Obama to kowtow to the loony Left, and then they're going to be the ones who say, 'What happened?' in November 2010, when we lose the House and possibly the Senate and maybe a lot of governorships."

By all means, speak freely! However, I don't think anyone that's reading this blog is going to be saying "what happened" in November 2010, if things don't change between now and the election. And though I've been on plenty of winning campaign teams, it's not rocket science to be able to see what's been happening the past 10 months.

A progressive agenda has not been happening. Now, maybe its just getting started and all, we'll see. I sorta doubt it...

The problem for Obama, and for Reid and Pelosi, is that there is no one solution to the problem. Some of the unhappy Democrats are unhappy because they believe their leaders are moving too far to the center, while others are unhappy because they believe their leaders are moving too far to the Left.
Are there really Democrats out there saying Obama has moved to far to the Left?  

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Jane Harman Hires Lanny Davis

I believe this is called "sticking your landing" in gymnastics:

Rep. Jane Harman has hired lawyer Lanny Davis, a former special counsel to President Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky affair, as a media advisor, The Cable has learned.

The enlisting of the heavyweight help is the latest sign that the California Democrat intends to push back hard against what she sees as an attempt by current and former national security officials to damage her reputation by providing alleged excerpts from transcripts of her surveilled phone conversations to the press.

Just when you think the line between political parody and true reality can't get thinner, someone goes and hires Lanny Davis to speak on their behalf.

If you didn't catch it last night, Jon Stewart's recap of the Harmen story will be 5:28 of your time well-spent:

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Lanny Davis is shilling for corporate masters and

and against unions.  Just watched his embarrassing performance on the Ed Show.  Any Democratic candidate who allows this anti-union shyster nears his/her campaign should be denied all union and working family support.

Davis is shameless in what he will do for a buck.

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Lanny Davis on the roll call

Lanny Davis, clearly a strong supporter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is on record saying that he was opposed to having a roll call - but that the ultimate choice to do so was good because --- it will show how marginal are the delegates who won't vote for Obama.

Here's the quote:

"I was on record saying I didn't think this was a good idea, because I was worried about the PUMA [Party Unity My Ass] supporters, people who are indifferent to a McCain presidency and are only driven by anger, which is not to criticize them, that is a genuine emotion," Lanny Davis, one of Clinton's more vocal supporters, told the Huffington Post. "That is reality and I thought that giving her a roll call vote would be destructive and counterproductive at the convention, because it is impossible to control the way the media would cover it. The most vocal Obama critics would be surround by 50 television cameras and be given their 50 seconds of fame."

It turned out, Davis went on, "that I had less faith then my candidate and Sen. Obama... The compromise they have just announced pulls off the exact solution that allows people to cast their votes and allows people like me to separate ourselves from the five percent of folks who weren't going to support Obama no matter what." In short, don't expect a lot of votes for Clinton at the roll call. BTW, when do you think the msm will start reporting that Ron Paul is holding a counter-convention that will be almost as large as the Republican convention?

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Lanny Davis to Join fox news

Well folks we knew it was only a matter of time before he did this, but lets take a look at old uncle Lanny. tent/article/2008/06/15/AR2008061501890_ 3.html?hpid=topnews

"Fox has always treated me with respect and given me a chance to express my point of view," Davis says of the network that the Democratic candidates refused to grant a debate out of concern that it favors Republicans. He will be a frequent guest, along with such Fox stalwarts as Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich.

A relentless surrogate for Hillary Clinton, Davis says, he felt "ganged up on" during appearances on the other cable channels. He says that Clinton was "demonized" by MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, and that CNN's primary-night panels were tilted toward the Obama side.

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