Progressive Democrat Newletter Issue 189

Well, we won. Big time.

Obama even won Virginia (which didn't surprise me at all), North Carolina (which I am not TOO surprised at) and Indiana (which DID surprise me). Obama even won one of Nebraska's electoral votes (which get split). Missouri seems to have barely gone McCain. I was convinced Florida would be stolen again, but the Republican Governor of Florida, though a typical Republican otherwise, seems dedicated to fair elections. And Obama wound up getting almost 53% of the vote.

If you are like me and you grew up hearing the refrain, "America isn't ready for a black President," you now will never hear that again. America isn't just ready for one, it OVERWHELMINGLY is ready.

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Jewish-Americans for Obama

Okay, it's a short diary -- really, it's nothing more than a plug for my neighbor's excellent video on Jewish Americans supporting Obama. Check it out!

After all the hate from the alleged Christians on the right, it's refreshing to hear some positive religious viewpoints.

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Kissing the Jewish Vote Goodbye

John McCain, by choosing Sarah Palin, has effectively "kissed the Jewish vote goodbye." Sarah Palin belongs to a far right wing, anti-Semitic church and NOTHING can gloss that over. This is the latest in a long line of anti-Jewish stands taken by the Republican Party. Let's not forget that even in 2004, according to every single Israeli citizen I have talked to, even Prime Minister Ariel Sharon opposed George Bush and supported John Kerry.

Sarah Palin is another right wing, anti-Semitic fanatic and the Jewish voters will NOT be fooled. This is yet ANOTHER fool who thinks all Jews should all move to Israel so the second coming can happen. Apocalyptic fanatics are NOT the friends of either Israel or Jews.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 182

Three major financial institutions shipwrecked this week, leading to a meltdown in the markets. Was anyone surprised? Many of us saw this coming months ago. The longer you have failed Republican economic policies, the worse the economy will become. It is that simple. Even Alan Greenspan is saying Bush and McCain are wrong on the economy.

Yep...It's STILL the economy, Stupid. But the Republicans have never been good for the economy in the long run and they have never learned their lesson.

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Obama's Problem with Jewish Voters Debunked - with poll numbers

There has been quite a bit of talk about the problems Barack Obama has in certain demographic groups. The groups that are supposedly problematic for Barack include women, Hispanics, working class whites, and Jews.

While Obama's aupport among working class whites could still prove to be a problem, it is currently as good as Kerry's or Gore's support among this group. His support among the other groups mentioned above, however, has increased markedly since the end of the primaries.

While Hispanics favored Hillary Clinton during the primaries, they  moved strongly to Obama once it became apparent he was the presumptive nominee. A July 2nd Gallup report showed Obama with a 30 point lead among Hispanics.

Female voters are another group that has shown strong support for Obama since mid-June. A July report from ABC shows Obama with a 15% lead among women.

The last group mentioned above and the source for the title of this diary is a small, but important group. Jews have long been a major part of the Democratic party's base of support. Jews not only overwhelmingly support the Democrats, they also are among the most politically active when it comes to giving their time and money to progressive causes. This makes the Jewish vote much more important than the raw voter numbers would indicate.

During, and shortly after the primaries, many articles were written about Obama's "Jewish problem". Apparently, that problem has faded away without much notice. A recent poll, by the Jewish activist group J Street, shows Obama with a 30 point lead over McCain among Jewish adults. Given McCain's 34/57 favorable/unfavorable ratings among this group of voters, I expect this lead to become larger the closer we get to the election.

The support is there for Obama. Now all we have to do is draw a clear line between McCain and Obama. The voters will do the rest.

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