Crit Luallen and the KY "bench"

I haven't seen this mentioned here, but my impression of the Democratic "bench" in Kentucky (I grew up there -- moved away 6 years ago or so, so I'm not quite as up to date as I used to be) is that just as significant as electing a governor (and lt. gov.) this time, we have set ourselves up with a strong bench.  

The '94 congressional elections and the aftermath of Gov. Patton's (D-Corrupt) adminstation left the Kentucky Democratic Party in a sad state.  We had no statewide farm team to groom for higher office.

What a difference now!  In addition to electing Steve Beshear governor, new Treasurer Jack Conway and reelected Auditor Crit Luallen will go on to run for higher office.  And Lt. Gov.-Elect Dr. Dan Mongiardo (who lost the squeaker in '04 against US Sen. Bunning (R)) has has his political fortunes dramatically revived.

But the most significant of these may be Crit Luallen.  To quote the Bluegrass Report (sorry for the lengthy quote -- please go check out BGR):

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Jack Conway for Coal, Mountain-Top Removal

Cross-posted at daily kos.  According to video just posted by Jake Payne at, Jack Conway reversed his stance on coal and mountain top removal.

Watch the video there, or after the jump...

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