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Books close tonight at midnight EDT for the FEC’s second fiscal quarter. As the third quarter is traditionally the weakest for fundraising, this is our last best shot to show progressive strength before November. That’s why MyDD features eight candidates who are Going On Offense at ActBlue. We’ve got four Senatorial candidates, two Gubernatorial candidates, and two House candidates. 5 of the 8 are running for open seats and one is challenging a Repub incumbent. Please help by donating $5 or more to at least two of them - and if that's too much to ask, you can still share this post on Facebook and Twitter with the gadgets below!

If you’re a fan of MyDD on Facebook, you’ve seen our recent fundraising appeals for Alan Grayson, Jack Conway, Matt Dunne, and Bill White. I've also featured White (TX-GOV) and Paul Hodes (NH-Sen) in full posts of their own. While I have personal affinities for Hodes and Dunne, my two favorite races are KY-Sen and TX-Gov. These races hold both symbolic and practical importance. Winning in KY-Sen would keep Rand Paul out of office (not to mention that Conway was my favorite primary candidate), and winning in TX-Gov would allow us to undo the corrupt redistricting legacy of Tom DeLay once the 2010 census is complete. Plus, think about the message progressive victories in Texas and Kentucky in an allegedly anti-Democratic year would send!

Other Going On Offense candidates include Robin Carnahan in MO-Sen, Russ Feingold in WI-Sen, and Tom White in NE-02. For descriptions of these candidates, visit the ActBlue page, and please pick at least two to support. Even just $5 each means a +1 in the contributor list, and that goes a long way. Please give before tonight’s deadline.

Bill White (TX-Gov) $
Matt Dunne (VT-Gov) $
Jack Conway (KY-Sen) $
Robin Carnahan (MO-Sen) $
Paul Hodes (NH-Sen) $
Russ Feingold (WI-Sen) $
Alan Grayson (FL-08) $
Tom White (NE-02) $

Support Progressive Candidates Now

The end of the second fiscal quarter is rapidly approaching – less than a week to go. This is an important deadline for showing the strength of progressive candidates, especially since the next quarter is traditionally the weakest. Things are already off to a good start this year – for example, the Democratic nominee for Idaho Governor, Keith Allred, is outraising and underspending Repub incumbent Butch Otter – but we have to keep that momentum going.

Here are the 8 candidates from MyDD’s Going on Offense Act Blue page. I hope you’ll consider supporting at least two of them.

For Governor

Bill White (Texas) - Incumbent Texas Governor Rick Perry has a 35% approval rating. Former Houston Mayor Bill White is well known for his excellent handling of Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, greening Houston, and cutting taxes. The next Governor's term will include both census-based redistricting and a presidential election. The race is a toss-up. What more incentive to give do you need?

Matt Dunne (Vermont) - Spend just ten minutes with Matt Dunne and you'll realize that he has one of the deepest commitments to service and firmest grasps on public policy of anyone you’ve ever met. Matt, an executive at Google, is the former director of Americorps-VISTA and a former state senator. His resume and his values are the right choice for Vermont and for the Democratic Party as we seek to take this statehouse back.

For Senate

Jack Conway (Kentucky) – As state Attorney General, Jack Conway has taken over 40,000 images of child pornography out of circulation, helped take 90,000 child predators off MySpace, and led the largest drug bust in state history. As a candidate, he focuses on job creation, high school drop-out rates, Wall Street reform, and repealing DADT. Oh, and his opponent? That would be one Rand Paul, who has repeatedly said he doesn't support the 1964 Civil Rights Act and considers criticism of BP "un-American."

Robin Carnahan (Missouri) – They say that as Missouri goes, so goes the nation, and in 2010, this might be the closest thing to a true toss-up anywhere on the Senate map. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Missouri resident who still runs her family's farm in Rolla, has cracked down on financial predators and helped guide her office into the 21 Century. Her opponent, Roy Blount, was one of Tom DeLay's top lieutenants during the Bush administration. The choice is clear.

Paul Hodes (New Hampshire) – Paul Hodes has been an outspoken, aggressive and unwavering proponent of real health care reform since his recent election to Congress. A true progressive advocate, Hodes refused to give up when things were at their darkest after Scott Brown won the MA-Sen seat, writing on the Huffington Post, “The Washington Republican Party and their tea-party allies would take us back to the Bush years… Now is not the time for Democrats to shy away from a fight, to back down or run away from who we are. There is too much at stake.”

Russ Feingold (Wisconsin) – Though not running for an open seat, no progressive movement would be complete with Senator Russ Feingold. Feingold was the lone vote against the now-notorious Patriot Act in 2001 and has been one of the most outspoken advocates for peace and justice in Iraq and beyond.

For House

Alan Grayson (Florida Eighth) – Congressman Grayson emerged as a true progressive hero in 2009 when he led the fight for a health care public option and debunked Republican lies on the House floor. He has since turned his attention to Wall Street reform and accountability, but is a top conservative target. Only the second Democrat to ever represent this district and still new enough to be a reformer, he needs our help.

Tom White (Nebraska 2nd) – For the first time in history, a state split its Electoral College vote when NE-02, which includes Omaha, cast its vote for Barack Obama. Let’s keep this district blue and send Lee Terry packing. Help state Sen. Tom White take his record of success on education, civil rights, and workplace discrimination to Congress. White is one of the DCCC’s 13 “red to blue” candidates.

Give now! Because seriously, is there any reason to wait?

Rand Paul To Break Primary Promise in KY-SEN

So far Rand Paul’s problems have been about his ideas and words, not his behavior. That changed this month. Paul’s upcoming fundraiser with Senate Repub Leader Mitch McConnell may not seem like a big deal, except last September, he pledged not to accept any campaign contributions from Senators who supported the bank bailouts. The Northern Kentucky Enquirer reported at the time:

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul has pledged to not accept campaign contributions from any U.S. Senator who voted in favor of bailing out the nation's banks last fall. Paul's pledge comes as one of his opponents in May's GOP Senate primary, Boone County Republican Trey Grayson, prepares to raise money at a Sept. 23 Washington fundraiser hosted by about 20 Republican members of the Senate…

"A primary focus of my campaign is that we need Republicans in office who will have the courage to say no to federal bailouts of big business. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the government to pick winners and losers in the private sector and the Republican Party platform specifically condemns bailouts," Paul said.

Yet here’s this, from Politico:

Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul railed against the Washington establishment in his primary campaign, but the Tea Party’s favorite Kentucky candidate will benefit from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s fundraising gravitas in Washington later this month.

McConnell will host a fundraising reception and dinner for Paul on June 24 at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by POLITICO and confirmed by a GOP official. Tickets to the McConnell-Paul event are pricey: Guests must pay a minimum of $1,000 to attend the reception and $4,000 to attend the dinner...

A request for comment to the Paul campaign was not immediately returned.

McConnell, of course, voted for the bailout. Small wonder, then, that in its latest rankings out today, First Read said that this seat is the 2nd best chance for a Democratic pick-up, ahead of the once-hyped contests in Missouri and New Hampshire. The Democrat in this race is state Attorney General Jack Conway.

KY-SEN: Jack Conway Comes Out Swinging

What bugs me most about Rand Paul’s comments isn’t even the substance, the opposition to the Civil Rights Act. It’s the way he characterized the issue: “But what you have to answer when you answer this point of view, which is an abstract, obscure conversation from 1964 that you want to bring up.”

Try telling the folks on the other side of Bull Connor’s dogs that it was an “abstract, obscure conversation.” Try telling that to Emmett Till, or Jonathan Daniels.

If there was ever anyone unfit to hold a US Senate seat, it’s Rand Paul. Fortunately Democratic opponent state AG Jack Conway, who we’ve been pushing here at MyDD for months, has come out swinging. From an e-mail:

Rand Paul's narrow and rigid ideology would have dangerous consequences for Kentucky's working families, veterans, students, disabled citizens, and anyone without a voice in the halls of power.

Students who need federal loans to help pay for college? Sorry. Disabled people facing discrimination on the job? Tough luck. What about a person of color who is refused service at a restaurant? Paul thinks businesses should be free to do that.

Rand Paul says that there's too much government oversight in America today. Really? Does he think that too much government oversight caused the oil spill in the Gulf, the collapse of Wall Street and the housing market crash?

If you think Rand Paul is completely out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, you're right - he is. So it's up to us to stop him. Please make a donation to my campaign today so I can beat Rand Paul in November. I'll stand up for Kentucky. He won't.

Click here to make a donation of $25, $50, or more to my campaign right now. With your help, I can stop Rand Paul's rigid ideology that threatens our fundamental rights and protections.

This is gonna be a fun general election.

KY-Sen: Paul's extremism coming into focus

Conservative Republicans exulted last night over Rand Paul's decisive victory in Kentucky's U.S. Senate primary. Today some of his far-out views are receiving national media coverage for the first time.

From an April 25 editorial in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

The trouble with Dr. Paul is that despite his independent thinking, much of what he stands for is repulsive to people in the mainstream. For instance, he holds an unacceptable view of civil rights, saying that while the federal government can enforce integration of government jobs and facilities, private business people should be able to decide whether they want to serve black people, or gays, or any other minority group. He quickly emphasizes that he personally would not agree with any form of discrimination, but he just doesn't think it should be legislated.

You can watch Paul answer questions on the Civil Rights Act here.

Democratic nominee Jack Conway plans to make this an issue:

"To say in an interview with your editorial board that the marketplace would take care of that, we don't need a Civil Rights Act, or we don't need an Americans with Disabilities Act, or we ought to do away with the Federal Reserve or Commerce or the Department of Education, I don't think that's where Kentuckians are, so I'll focus on that," Conway said.

He repeated that charge in an appearance on Chris Matthews' "Hardball" program on MSNBC late Wednesday afternoon, going so far as to say that Paul favors repeal of both the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But a review of video of Paul's interviews shows that Paul never specifically called for a repeal of either.

Even in a conservative state like Kentucky, I don't think opposing the Civil Rights Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act will be a popular stand. Paul may need to walk back some of those comments.

Be under no illusions: it won't be easy to win this Senate election, but Conway hasn't been polling that far behind Paul, and according to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling, "53% of likely [Trey] Grayson voters for today have an unfavorable opinion of Paul to only 23% with a positive opinion of him. More importantly though just 40% of Grayson voters say they'll support Paul in the general election if he wins the Republican nomination with 43% explicitly saying they will not."

In other Kentucky news, losing Democratic candidate Daniel Mongiardo wants a recanvass of yesterday's vote, but with Jack Conway just under 4,000 votes ahead, there is no real chance of a recanvass changing the outcome.

UPDATE: Cliff Schecter: "Rand has a dream. That 1 day sons of former slaves & slave owners 'll be able 2 sit down long as restaurant theyre in allows it."

UPDATE: Sounds like Paul didn't help himself during his appearance on last night's Rachel Maddow show.


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