Reading the Tea Leaves: Will the Empire Break Up the Party?

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The Tea Party wants small government, right? Actually, it’s not so simple. In fact, you could drive a Bradley tank right through an ideological schism within the Tea Party.

On Tax Day, my CODEPINK colleagues and I conducted 50 interviews with Tea Party members about the cost of war and empire. With military spending eating up 20 percent of the federal budget and half of all discretionary spending, we figured that any serious effort to shrink government would have to deal with this bull in the china shop.

While a recent New York Times/CBS poll showed the Tea Partiers to be a relatively homogeneous group of older, white, mostly males, we found that this group certainly doesn’t speak with the same tongue when it comes to the U.S. role in the world. On one side are the neo-con interventionists who think the United States is God’s gift to the world. On the other side are non-interventionists who want to slay the warfare state. The extreme fissure is bound to upset the tea cart as more Tea Party leaders are forced to articulate their foreign policy positions.

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Mossad Revealed as Agents of State-Sponsored Terror

The act of state-sponsored terror by Mossad against Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai shatters the common notion portrayed in the corporate media that terrorism is a tactic limited to Islamic jihadists. 

This was only one in a recent series of terrorist acts sponsored by Israel, including the bombing of a tourist bus in Damascus which allegedly carried members of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The use of remotely controlled explosives also raises doubt to the knee-jerk explanation of such events as ‘suicide bombings’, which implies the guilt of Islamic fundamentalists and removes the impetus for criminal investigation.  

These events contrast the belief sworn to by neoconservatives that the war on terror simply pits a radical Middle Eastern group of ideologues against Western ‘freedom’. It also puts into question the role of Israel in the war on terror. It is a country that has a well-known distate for its Islamic neighbors. A closer examination reveals that Israeli security agents have been present and complicit for a number of other high-profile terror events.

For example ICTS, the Israeli security firm established by Shin Bet agents, was responsible for allowing the Nigerian crotch-bomber onto his flight in Amsterdam. It is the same firm which ran security at Logan, Newark, and Dulles airports on September 11, 2001.

In addition to having accomplices inside airport security, the 9/11 planners were able to obtain prior knowledge that simulated terror attacks would be staged by NORAD on that day, providing a crucial smokescreen for the operation. This information would only have been available to those who could tap into US intelligence networks. Israel had access through its communication company Verint, formerly Comverse Infosys, which is the biggest provider and servicer of wiretapping equipment to the US government.

An Israeli spy ring consisting of hundreds of agents posing as art students was uncovered in the US in 2001. Three weeks prior to 9/11, the New York Times reported that art students had illegally installed a balcony at the World Trade Center on the 91st floor, of which 8 photographs were taken showing ‘a lone figure dressed in a white jacket, standing in a lectern-size box’ on the eastern facade. In "Accounts From the North Tower", survivor Mike McQuaid said that immediately below the plane’s impact the 91st floor was only 25% occupied, because WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein was taking it over. He said that ‘some kind of artists’ had been placed in a ‘big open area’ on that floor. It would be the highest point from which the stairway remained accessible and provided for the perfect vantage point to confirm that the North Tower was hit.

Israel is the world’s leader in remote controlled aviation, producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the size of Boeing 737’s.

Mossad, the planet’s biggest perpetrator of passport fraud, had agents positioned near the location that the passport of hijacker Satam al Suqami was ‘discovered’.

An Army study published on Sept. 10, 2001 said that Mossad has the capability of targeting US forces, framing Arabs. 

Tearing the heart out of Beit Jala, Palestine

"Another day, another example of Israel illegally ripping out the soul of a Palestinian area. Olive trees are the life-blood of the Palestinian people and it’s at least encouraging to see a few activists trying to prevent the Israeli bulldozers with their dirty work."

The more things appear to change, talk of peace, the more they remain the same, ethnic cleansing. That's the West Bank, Palestine for you.

Thanks to Antony Lowenstein for this tip.


John Derbyshire: Literacy Supremacist?

Over at the Corner, Mark Steyn links the story of one (yes, one) protester yelling "slaughter the Jews" at Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister and smirks
But don't worry. I'm sure it's only "anti-Zionist."
Besides humor (failed), what is Steyn's point here? Maybe the "slaughter" guy can't distinguish between the country Israel and the Jewish people. I can. Most Jews can, including the ones who live in Israel. Can Mark Steyn? Meanwhile, Steyn's corner colleague John Derbyshire (the Marty Peretz of the National Review is defending Tom Tancredo's call for literacy tests at the polls. But don't worry. I'm sure it's only "literacy supremacism."

Why Doesn't US Condemn Israeli Human Rights Abuses UPDATE

The above question was posed to Obama one day after the SOTU address at a townhall meeting in Tampa FL. His response was on the front page of Huffington Post. Considering our humanitarian response to Haiti, it is a highly confronting question because it asks, how can America, a beacon for liberty around the world, support human rights abuses carried out by an ally, Israel. Everyday abuses of the human rights of Palestinians continue, not just through the inhumane blockade of Gaza, but even within Israel, let alone the Palestinian territories in general where nonviolent activists are being arrested, one by one. There is no need to describe the atrocities of Gaza a year ago and the continuing deprivations, but smaller human rights abuses occur daily all over the territories.

Obama was asked the above question in a public forum, why doesn't "he" condemn Israeli human rights abuses, only one day after his State of the Union speech where foreign policy was somehow ignored, especially the ideals laden in his Cairo speech of a year ago.

Instead of posting Obama's response in text, here is the CNN video of the interaction:

After listening, I'm beginning to think that at this stage in his political career, Obama is capable of out slicking Clinton at this game. Nobody doesn't believe that Obama is any less scared of the Israel Lobby than any other elected politician like Clinton, but it is obvious that he will continue the practice of pandering to Israel, human rights abuses or not.


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