Muslim Witch-Hunting in Israel and the West

...Challenge state authority, in these cases in the U.S, even in the pursuit of bringing humanitarian aid to the desperately needy, speaking up publicly on their behalf, or aiding them in their pursuit of justice, and you risk being the victim of ruthless and relentless police state type persecution to put you in prison for a long time. Even if they fail to do it, they can break you financially and ruin your life. That's how the system works. Understand it and be prepared....

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Iranian Drumbeat

Steve Clemons is warning about the drumbeat to invade Iran, and pointing out that there are good ways to stop the Iranian nuclear program without a military strike.  And his statements are coming from discussions with Israeli national security specialists, so this isn't a peacenik movement talking here.  Coincidentally, this morning I had a conversation with Eric Massa, one of the candidates just added to the netroots fundraising page.  Massa is a 24 year Navy veteran who was in Gulf War I and Kosovo, so I asked him about Iran.  

Roughly, here's what he said.  The way to guarantee that Iran gets a nuclear weapon is to go in with F-15s and bomb them.  If we go in we have to have a 100% kill ratio for nuclear sites, or else the one we didn't hit will come back to bite us.  The way to stop nuclear proliferation is, as Clemons says, to work with institutions in the country by actually opening up a dialogue.

In other words, if we attack Iran like we did Iraq, Iran will get nuclear weapons.  But that's not all.  I'll just quote from the Cunning Realist:

As someone who works in the global financial markets, I can state confidently that military action against Iran will have profound financial consequences for any American who relies on more than a log cabin, a bicycle, and barter.

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Israel's Political Dilemma

At this very moment and by its own hand, Israel may be sowing the seeds of its own destruction.
Several weeks ago, on national television, Evangelist, Pat Robertson,  shocked some of his listeners when he spoke about Israel, and said words to the effect,  that he believed that G-d would be very angry if the tiny Israeli nation went along with public pressure and gave up a substantial area of Israel for the creation of an independent Palestinian State. Several thousand years ago, the Book of Exodus specifically spells out G-d's devine plan for what would become the kingdom of Israel. At that time, ancient Israel was much larger than it is today and included all of its present land area plus the land that has become Jordan.

                                                                                                                                                                        Some of us strongly believe, both Christian and Jew, that it was through Devine Intervention that the Jewish people finally regained their homeland in 1948, after being scattered all over the world for more than two thousand years. Therefore, is it any wonder that  G-d clearly would be angry with the Jewish people? During the kingdom of Solomon, there is a famous parable that has been passed down through the ages: Two women claiming the same infant were presented before the court of Solomon.  Both women were most convincing and Solomon could not accept or reject either woman's plea. Solomon who was considered most wise, realized that the real or legitimate mother would avoid harming her own child at any cost, even if it meant sacrificing her own life for the child's. Solomon's response was that the infant be cut into two parts and each woman would receive a part. One of the women pleaded with Solomon to spare the child as she now was ready to let the other woman have the infant. Of course, we all know how this famous parable ends.

Solomon would no more have cut the infant into two parts then he would have cut-off an arm from one side and a leg from the other. Perhaps it was G-d's way then of testing Solomon as it is now G-d's way of testing the present government of Israel.

Poor Ben,
February 25, 2006

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Shin Bet Chief: Arafat didn't start the intifada!

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This story probably won't stop the hasbara people from making the claim that "Arafat launched the last intifada," but many Israeli officials privately acknowledge "this is not true," which means unilateral disengagement and the idea that there is "no partner for peace," is also bunk. Just read the comments by former Shin Bet agent Yuval Diskin.

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Excellent series on Israel in the Guardian.

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Excellent two part article from the guardian about whether Israel's treatment of the Palestinians can be compared to Apartheid.

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