Another Failure for U.S. Diplomacy -- It's Really Bad

One thing seems certain as things continue to spiral downward in the Middle East -- US diplomacy is on the sidelines and that is bad for everybody.  Sec. of State Rice has not been to the region in months and she seems invisible.  Under a more active administration there would be special envoys and high profile peace missions.  People like Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, Sam Nunn, George H.W. Bush, Jim Baker and Bill Clinton might be brought in to help.

Instead George Bush sleepwalks in St. Petersburg and retreats further into the sports pages.  US diplomats seem prepared only to discuss plans to get US citizens out.  There is no leadership and no pressure on either side for restraint.  Into the vacuum steps Iran -- oh joy!  This is a sad time for the US and especially US diplomacy.  All we have left is the military and they are bogged down.  This is very dangerous.

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Time to support Israel

Well, once again, Israel gets kicked in the balls by a terrorist group, and still some world leaders are condemning Israel for trying to protect itself from these cowards. We all know that Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad cannot be trusted to leave Israel alone. Memebers of Hezbollah sneak over the Israeli border, kill eight soldiers, and kidnap two more, and Israel is supposed to just sit back, and let it happen with retaliating?? That is out and out bull**!!!!

     Israel now should go on the offensive, and stay on the offensive until their soldiers are returned safely home. Israel has caved into pressure, and given up the Gaza strip, part of the west bank, turned over hundreds of prisioners, and basically gave away the kitchen sink. What have the terrorists given up?? NOTHING!!! Not one damn thing.

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Bush silent: fails to lead in crisis

Bush is silent with regards to Israel's disproportionate use of force in Lebanon.  Perhaps if he, or Condi Rice acted more forcefully yesterday Israel's actions might have been contained and the crisis would not continue to escalate as it does now.   Regardless, like the hours after 9/11 the President is almost M.I.A. it seems.  

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Olmert getting Israeli forces ready for Iran?

A government spokesman in Greece came out today and said that Israel was using excessive and pointless force in Gaza against the Palestinians and asked for restraint. I think the request is not going to meet with success because one of the points for the move into Gaza is to build and toughen the IDF land, air and sea arms. In April my diary said Israel was on a course to strike Iran on Oct 28 or 29 of '06 just after Ramadan. What if that has changed?

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Why do dems want to hurt Israel by staying in Iraq?

By supporting the continuing war in Iraq the dems contribute to the strengthening of Iran and Venezuela while reducing our's and Israel's position in the world.  Venezuela has a good chance of getting on the UN's security council now because of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. y/0,,1801387,00.html?gusrc=rss
The longer the U.S. stays in Iraq the more chaos will be created.  And Saddam was preferable to chaos as far as Israel is concerned.
"When you dismantle a system in which there is a despot who controls his people by force, you have chaos. I'm not sure we won't miss Saddam" Yuval Diskin (Israel's Shin Bet Chief.) 696038.stm
The dems should have listened to Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor from the start.  General William Odom told us that overthrowing Saddam was not in America's or Israel's interest before we went in.  The ones who have benefitted from the Iraq invasion are Iran and Al Qaeda like Odom said they would.  Venezuela has benefitted too. We only make Iran and Venezuela stronger by staying in Iraq. So why stay?  Get out now! 0,3604,1305360,00.html
America needs to change course right now to avoid total meltdown internationally.  We need to get out of Iraq and repair the damage we have done to our relationships with other countries or soon America will be too weak to defend Israel.  I think many Israeli supporters are really missing the boat on this one.
Also the denunciation of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's paper is contributing to Israel's demise.  If in fact the Israeli AIPAC does have too much influence in United State's foreign policy then that will be bad for Israel.  Israel won't be able to stand on our head while we drown.  Israel will go down with us. 162006.html
Will someone please explain to me why the democratic leadership is helping the neocons do this to Israel.  Why aren't democratic leaders screaming about the writing on the wall?  Are they as dumb as the neocons?  Or maybe I'm missing something?

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