A total conflict

It seems that the crisis in Middle East will reach a deadlock. It's the sixth day and the Israeli forces persist with violent bombings against the biggest cities of Lebanon. Their aims are obvious, they want to hurt Hezbollah. On the other hand, the Islamic group replies to the enemy's fire with a new attack every day. In Lebanon, since the day of the first engagement, 164 innocent people have been killed and more than 400 have been injured.

Of course, this total conflict has disastrous consequences for the wider area of Middle East. Except from the economic crisis (it's sure that the price of oil will go up) and the bad knock against Lebanon (a country which wanted almost twenty years to repair all the damages of the previous war with Israel,'82), there are also more serious problems. The Israeli Assistance Service expressed its fear that a possible attack of Hezbollah against the Industrial Area of the country can cause a chemical disaster with many victims.

In spite of this, the two countries seem to be very determined.  The onslaughts go on and neither Israel nor Lebanon stands back.

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The Middle East is Burning- Democrats Sit Quietly

25,000 Americans trapped in Lebanon.

Democrats sit quietly.

Hezbollah and Hamas kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Democrats sit quietly.

Israel goes ballistic and bombs Lebanon and Gaza twenty years back.

Democrats sit quietly.

The world is waiting for American leadership.  Americans, regardless of their allegiances (unfortunately there are mostly tables for Pro-Israel, Anti-Israel, but none for pro-peace and resolving this conflict) await any sign of leadership.

Democrats sit quietly.

War has broken in the Middle East.  Innocent lives from all parties will be lost.  The President is out of touch and out to lunch.  

Democrats sit quietly.

Would FDR, JFK, RFK, Truman or Woodrow Wilson sit back and neither say nor do nothing?  Would they prefer to offer no third way solutions in order to ensure that donors and lobbies won't be upset?  

I won't hold my breath on hearing what the current crop of Democrats have to say.  The past two weeks have shown what they plan to do in times when new ideas and leadership are most needed.

History doesn't look kindly on those who fail to lead.  If you believe in humanity, then there is a solution.  It will not be an Israeli solution, nor will it be a Palestinian solution, but it will be a human solution.  Leaders are needed in hopes darkest hours.

Democrats sit quietly.  The flames of war continue to ravage the Middle East.

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Bill Kristol's Balls

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard wants the U.S. to use the current Israel-Lebanon confrontation as an excuse to attack Iran.  Coming from the guy who wanted to use any excuse to invade Iraq, that's hardly surprising.  

Under the fold: behind the curtain of Kristol's neo-confederacy...

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A pharmaceutical view of the Middle East crisis

Bin Laden's career as a terrorist was born in a previous destruction of Lebanon.  I keep thinking of the wonderfully generous and kind Lebanese people I've known while reading report after report of death and bombs.  I hope their families are okay.

I have friends over in Israel right now working on an independent movie.  They tell me the Israelis are extra nice to them because they have the balls to be there during this time.  They say the interviews they're getting for their documentary are especially passionate.

There's all kinds of ways to look at this conflict.  Israeli overkill could be compared to the over reactions of post traumatic stress to be expected in a country haunted by a rather recent Holocaust.  In nature when something tiny is surrounded by hostile competitors it usually develops some particularly nasty venom or sting to be left alone.  

Then there's simply oil, the American need to dominate oil, and Israel's usefulness to us in doing the dirty work we can't.   And of course you can't leave out cultural differences like female liberation and economic hostilities, even demographics: the Arab world has a majority of young males, and they have little opportunity.

But in reading the descriptions of the Israeli attack I was struck by something else.  

I'm one of those people that doesn't trust the AMA at all.  I think of them as being like the inquisition, and once they get in your brain you're in for a lifelong struggle.   I have my collection of witch doctors, sophisticated herbal specialists, Chinese masters with healing secrets, and so far so good.  But most people in America are creatures of the AMA taking AMA pills and thinking the AMA way.  

Pharmaceutical corporations spend more money than anyone else lobbying our politicians.  

The Israelis talk about cleaning up the mess.  They're going to cut out all the cancer of terrorism in Lebanon.  Yes, they admit, they will cause collateral damage, but what else can be done to save the patient?  The root causes of the social disease that is terrorism are ignored entirely in favor of a radical, expensive, and destructive solution that only creates more disease.  

How many times can a country do this before realizing it doesn't work?  Seduced my new more precise and powerful weaponry and by the mirage of better spying our governments seem to think hitting them harder is the way.  Just like an AMA doctor killing a patient with surgeries, new drugs, and radiations.

Trying to demoralize a whole nation to kill their will to fight against you and preoccupy them with simply surviving is a good way to breed terrorists, the human equivalent of cancer cells.  By killing the cancer they make more cancer.  The Israelis, the Americans, and the AMA.  The AMA is not big on preventive medicine.  Preventitive medicine is the best kind though.  

We need some holistic doctors on the case.  We need to look at the roots of the disease.  We have to restore sanity to our societies.  We need to change the habits of a whole lot of people.  Get them thinking in new ways.  That's where real healing comes from.  

Globalization is either going to bring a future where the rich use military power to brutally surpress and exploit the poor, or it's going to bring a second Enlightenment, when we use our superior intelligence technology to study and implement ways of fairly distributing self sustaining and renewable resources.  Hereditary dictatorship or intelligent management, do we still have a choice?  

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No US War for Israel

Israel can't be allowed to be the tail that wags our dog.  We can't let Israel dictate when and how we go to war.   If Israel makes the mistake of widening the conflict and attacking Syria, or worse, so be it.  Let them fight to defend themselves, but let them do it themselves.

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