An introduction to the Gaza Freedom March UPDATE

There is probably no better way to introduce the Gaza Freedom March now going on than through this article by the Australian peace activist Antony Loewenstein. Much has passed in the preparation of this international peace assault on Gaza, which is finally coming to fruition.

Jimmy Carter called the siege of Gaza "inhumane" and indeed it is. Everyday the siege kills babies, children, and medical patients while causing misery to the people of Gaza.

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A primer in Israeli ethnic cleansing and how it works VIDEO

Inside the ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley today and yesterday.

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Who will save Gaza's children?

The LINK to the article below is to a British newspaper, the Guardian. We would never expect to read about this inhumane situation in the United States, because it would put Israel in a bad light, but also because Americans as a whole don't seem to care about Palestinians, even though that can be partly attributed to news censorship and pro-Israel propaganda.

Earlier this year, it was reported that over 300 children died in the Gaza massacre. But now we learn that the toll on children from Israel's siege is continuing in the form of rising infant deaths.

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The Likud Charter: wiping Palestine off the map

When my attention was drawn to the article quoted below by Diane Nakamura, I suddenly realized that it is not Iran that intends to "wipe Israel off the map," but it is Israel that intends to "wipe Palestine off the map." And that is not just a threat. It is the reality.

Observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often talk about the Hamas Charter, and the earlier PLO Charter, but no one speaks of the intents of the Likud Charter, the Bible of Israel's Likud party now in power to wipe Palestine off the map. But that is precisely what has been happening for the past 60 years.

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Netanyahu to settlers: 'there is no damned freeze!' VIDEO

'There is no damned freeze!'

Now that statement is not what Netanyahu would ever say publicly, lest he give away the ruse behind his settlement freeze. But it is likely just what he would like to tell the disgruntled West Bank settlers now protesting on his doorstep.

When this BBC article appeared today, Jewish settlers in West Bank building curb protest, it was astonishing to learn that Israel's biggest non-secret is not even known by its own people, at least not the settlers colonizing the West Bank.

In Jerusalem today, thousands of Jewish settlers and their supporters staged a rally in protest of the alleged curb on settlement building in the West Bank. It was reported that demonstrators gathered outside the residence of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in response to his announcement of a 10-month pause in permits for new settlement homes in the West Bank. This pause did not apply to East Jerusalem.

When one reads into the article, however, one wonders just what purpose this demonstration could possibly achieve, as there is no settlement freeze. But for some reason the settlers don't get it.

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