Ronald Reagan: Cheney is a Terrorist

President Ronald Reagan, June 18, 1985, during the TWA 847 hijacking crisis:

Q. Mr. President, you've said repeatedly during your administration, as you've said tonight, that you can't give in to terrorism. But each time that we've had one of these incidents, such as the case of the marines who died in Beirut, there had been a lot of talk from the administration but no action. Is there any danger that terrorists in the Middle East might get the feeling that the U.S. bark is worse than its bite and that they can do these things with impunity knowing we won't retaliate?

The President. Well, I hope not. But again, let me just point out to you in that incident, a man who committed the crime--or men--I don't know how many were in the truck--they're gone. . . . Now, how do you establish a connection between them and someone else? Was there someone else that set them on their way--you have no way of knowing. So, again, as I say, you're left with only one form of retaliation and that is if you just aim in the general direction and kill some people, well, then, you're a terrorist, too.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al., in a nutshell.

One Fine Day

...little noticed and under-appreciated was how Bush/Cheney rule gave us the first "good war" of this new century. Oh, don't you remember? Afghanistan. That was a good war, wasn't it? It was justified. We went in after Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. We didn't get them but we sure got a lot of other people. You mean you don't remember? John Walker Lindh. The wedding party.all bombed out.ruined. Sure. But there's one thing about the United States. We don't intentionally target wedding parties...

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Hatch: "nobody w/brains" disputes Saddam/Al-Qaida connection

In an amazing article, Senator Orrin Hatch, said Saturday: "'Nobody denies that [Saddam Hussein] was supporting al-Qaida.'  In a clear attack on Democrats, Hatch added, 'Well, I shouldn't say nobody. Nobody with brains.'"
I haven't read the entire Senate Intelligence Committee report (which Hatch signed on to) regarding Pre-war intelligence, but I wonder what it said about that connection.

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Democrats Uniting Around Iraq Plan

To me, the most immediately relevant finding of the MyDD poll was the overwhelming support for the details of a plan like the Murtha Plan. As a refresher, here's Chris's post on that aspect of the poll.

What is perhaps most stunning about the Murtha proposal is how it is supported almost exactly the same by Democrats (59.3%), Republicans (63.7%) and Independents (65.9%). Considering the size of these sub-samples, those differences are within the margin for error. The non-partisan nature of support for Murtha's plan stands in sharp contrast to the "say the course" plan, which features only 33% support from Democrats, and 79% support from Republicans. The broad support for Murtha's plan also stands in sharp contrast to the November vote on his plan in the House of Representatives, when only 3 members of Congress actually cast a vote in favor

There may be movement on this ... more below.

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Why the Democrats have no spine -- no concept of evil.

Today, I heard author and blogger Andrew Bard Schmookler speak about the problems in our society. The reason he says that liberalism frequently doesn't have spine is because it has difficulty recognizing the concept of good and evil. I think that this concept can very easily be applied to our Democratic leaders frequently. Although they have done better this time around, especially in their questioning of Chertoff, they still have a long ways to go before developing the kind of spine that we would like to see here in this community.

Schmookler discusses spirituality in applying his concepts. He says that spiritual well-being and goodness involves wholeness, while evil involves brokenness. Before the 1960's, there were very clear institutions that defined right and wrong. They were the school, parents, churches, and society. All our movies had black and white endings in which the good guys had a clear point of reference to look forward to.

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